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30-Day Keto Experiment

I am close to finish a first 30 day trial with keto as a type 2 diabetes experiment. This trial is reported on other virtual space.

During this first trial, I failed two times, with binge eatings with huge amounts of carbs in a single day. Regardless of these such events, blood sugar rates dropped considerably without meds. Ok, the bodyweight dropped too, but the amount still can be considered a value belonging to water weight due to ~30 g of total carbs/day.

But I was never so confident to a specific method for so long time. Believe it.
Such experience gave me courage to report to someone who suffers X-sindrome to follow what will happen in my second journey.

There are other motivations aspects. The first one is because the vast majority of experiments are observational studies, cohort, questionary-based, etc --> the researchers estimate the amounts, and macros based on what people tell them one moth after they ate something (Lots of people don’t remember what they ate yesterday). The second one is my individual commitment, to complete something. If just one pearson feels motivated reading the report it will be good for me.

So, I am interested to report this second 30-day experiment here, at T-Nation. To be honest, it will be a boring experiment, full of numbers, all of them related to bodyweight, waist and hip measurements, fast blood sugar, macros, total intake, and some individual perceptions of the day (temptations, blah, blah, blah).

So, it is not exactly a Training Log. It is an experimente with a begin and an end.

My question is: the appropriate place to relate such experiment is is at a specific thread? If ‘yes’, in what section? If ‘no’ I will report on my Training Log.