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30 Day Bulk Cycle


I've decided to give the short cycles a try and go 4 0n 4 off 4 On. I just started the first four week cycle but am already planning for the second heres what i got so far.

Test E - 1000mg day 1
500mg day 7
Test Prop - 100mg EOD days 1-10
100mg ED days 11-30
D-bol - 30mg days 11-30
Nolva - 20mg ED

Nolva and Clomid for PCT

Any advice is welcome.


i cant believe im seein this

after 30 days your body would just be gettin used to the test and thats when you would start to see gains.

dont bother with the testE just stick with prop that kicks in much much faster


you really should do 10 weeks of either test E or test prop

and use clomid!


Bertz is right about the Test E. Drop it from your short plan. Use short esters like prop if you're going to go this route.

If you've really been researching this short cycle trend, I don't see how you didn't come across the fact that Enanthate, Decanoate, Cypionate, Laurate, Undecylenate and all other long esters are not for anything shorter than 8 weeks realisticly.. optimal length is 10-14 on with long esters.. even beyond.


The halflife of Test E is 7-10 days therefore a large front with prop throughout is not stupid at all. In fact from alot of the research and searches on this site that is exactly what has been done. Large 1 month bulking cycles include Enanthate on day one. My only concern was opinions targeted at the use of it on day 7.
Maybe someone with experience with cycles such as this could post their opinions.


and Bertz how does one "start getting used to test on day 30". I can understand starting to see gains from increased testosterone levels, but I got "Used to test" when i hit puberty.


A couple of things. If you're gonna shoot prop throughout the entire cycle, I would drop the enan. I mean, your only gonna inject it twice the entire cycle, not really worth it. Also, I would just keep the prop to either ED for the entire cycle or EOD. I don't see the reason to inject EOD then switch to ED. As for the dbol, I would run it at the start of the cycle, not the end, to help kickstart the gains. For PCT, I like to just run Nolva as it works just as well but doesn't have as many crappy sides.


This'll work fine. I would have done the frontload of enath all at once though.
After that test prop everyday for the at least the first week or two, then you can back off to eod if you like. This'll get blood levels up to speed real quick.
Everyone is right though - on a shortie you want the dbol to start day one.
As for the test enanthate it will help you bridge off cycle smoothly - as the exogenous level falls the endogenous level will rise.
If this is a cycle for size, then the key is to eat a ton of calories! good luck.


Alright here are the changes according to everyones opinions.

Test E 1000 mg day 1 500 mg day 2
Test P 100mg/ED days 1-20 EOD 21-30
D-bol 30mg ED days 1-20
Nolva 20mg ED and 40mg ED for PCT

I've been thinking about adding some wini to the cycle too


this plan is much better.

d-bol and winny run concurrently.....ouch my liver hurts just thinking about it. i think you'll be good to go with what you have already laid out.


i agree too, enanthate is senseles and for nolva, take estradiol blood test first.i have used test cycles for more than 10 years and theory is theory and practice is another thing, practice validates theories, be physics, chemistry, biology etc.i have books from Louis rea, William llewellyn, Jeff Summers...but....practice is very important too.


Actually, winstrol and dbol go really well together!



short cycles like this do suit some people.

I don't actually gain much past week 5 anyway.

I never run cycles longer than 6 weeks.