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30-30-30 and Equipment Access


Hope all are well.

I started the 30-30-30 yesterday and quickly become frustrated at my ability to get access to the equipment of choice - as I use a public gym.

Equally, if not more annoying, was the guys / gals sat at said equipment with phone in hand ???
and not actually working out anything but their thumbs.

Anyway rant over…

What are the strategies to overcome this… alternate exercises.?? waiting it out in the hope all the required equipment will be available.

I ended up having to miss the leg extension altogether.

I belong to a public gym too and had problems with access to the equipment due to inconsiderate people…i now train at 5am when there is only about 10 people in the gym, I now have total access…just an idea

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You have to adress them! When this happens I politely ask the person in question if it’s alright to do one set in between their “workout”. They never say no, though occasionally force themselves through a set before I get to use the equipment. Of course you have to take into account that most Swedes are scared of conflict (and me no longer the youngest or smallest trainee). LOL

A more defensive approach is to follow @fitafter40 example…

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As was said already when this happens to me I just ask either “can I work in for a set?” They might say they want to do one more set and do it right then, but the answer has never been no. If it’s something like the squat rack where it’s not simple to work in since it involves changing weights I’ll just ask “how many sets do you have left?” 9 times out of 10 the answer is always a not so shocking 1 set or you can have it now. If they say just 1 then I stay near there and do some obvious stretching so they don’t get any ideas of hogging it any longer.

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