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30-10-30 with Only Bodyweight Exercises/Trap Bar?

Dr Darden-

Congrats on the new book.Clear,simple instructions that helps answer a good many questions that appeared on this forum.
I dont have access to a gym. Would this new plan work with bodyweight exercises?I also have a trap bar.
I was thinking --1) dips or pushups for bench press–also add negative dips and chin-ups
2)T bar squats for leg press
3)sissy squats for leg extension
4)Inverted rows for BB row
5)nordic leg curls
6) what would you suggest as a suitable replacement for BB press for someone with old shoulder issues?
Thanks for reading and for your help-

For the BB press, you could substitute trap-bar the shoulder shrug.

@rhgo, pike push-up. If you’re good with that, two parallettes or blocks to extend rom.