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30-10-30 with Bodyweight Dips or Hammer Strength?

Hey guys. I have an important question. Important to me. Firstly I appreciate you all for actually being true brothers of the iron, and caring about other people’s progress. I respect that am and thankful.
My little gym has a dip station, and also a hammer strength selectorized pin-in-stack machine. I was interested in trying an experiment with 30-10-30 on one of those for some size gains. One of those I’d like to try with that routine. 30-10-30. As I’d like to start in several days… may I ask not just what you prefer out of those 2 exercises, but also WHY? The hammer strength is also specific about how to progress as the weight stacks, as you know, go up in weights from… 20 to 120, 130, 140 and 150. But there we go brothers. What do you recommend I try for some size gains?
Dips with the 30-10-30? Or hammer strength selectorized with the 30-10-30?

I don’t know what 30-10-30 is, but I’d say I like Hammer strength better for working up to something heavy and dips better for doing a ton of reps.
I don’t know if that helps or not.


Strange, I’m the exact opposite. I can pump out 15+ reps with the whole stack which I believe is 272.5lbs and can only manage around 8 real dips with 50lbs added.

I’m not sure which is superior for building muscle but I’ve switched to nothing but real dips just based on the fact that they are harder.


Sorry, I wasn’t specific. Its the Darden 30 second negative, 10 full reps, 30 second negative routine.

You know what - you’re right. I didn’t read well enough; I was thinking the plate-loaded press machine.

In any case, @werewolf75, the 30-10-30 you just described sounds like it could work really well with dips.

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Dips. Definitely. One of Darden’s favourite excercises it seems. You can’t go wrong on that.

Sidenote. If your strength is not enough for 30-10-30 on dips I would recommend doing negative only for build of strength. Alter these two every other tricep workout and keep notes on the progress.


Thanks! It seems dips may be the better choice. I was starting to thing hammer machine cause of how it slightly comes up and in for chest. Ok brother, thank you!

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I can do 8 reps in dips with a 40 dumbell. But… if I do decide to do dips with that kinda routine, 30-10,30 I take it I should start at just bodyweight?

Do negative only dips about once or twice a month…reason is for recovery purposes

do hammer strength 30-10-30 the rest of the time

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Ok! Thanks for your preference. I’m gonna do just that! 30-10-30 on hammer strength, and throw in some negative dips but not overdue them. Alright. I got a plan. Thanks again!

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Bodyweight for starters. Correct.

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Tough to do 30-10-30 properly on dips. I would use the hammer machine. This should be moved to Darden forum. A lot of good answers there on this program

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Thanks. I agree too. Gonna try 30-10-30 with hammer strength, and check over on Darden’s forum. Thanks, brother.

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I do 30-10-30 using ring dips. Extremely brutal😀

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@jimxvx77: Please explain how you approached and have progressed on this?

If you don’t mind me asking, for mass for the upper body, I was also doing pulldowns and hammer curls. But… what’s your opinion on NEUTRAL GRIP pulldowns instead, followed by a type of bicep curl? I’m interested in trying out the neutral grip pulldown, and haven’t done it in years.

Guys, what do you think is a better exercise for mass, if there is a better one… neutral grip pulldown or reg grip pulldown? ( mass for arms and back )

Any reason why you don’t mention underhand grip?

I think I read in a Darden book the supinated chinup to be superior to the regular (pronated, overhand grip) in terms of muscle recruitment. But, anything goes as long as you like it. Neutral grip? Most certainly a great variation.

Sorry, man, I don’t think I’m familiar enough with Darden’s stuff to give you any advice. Looks like a couple gents that are familiar are in here, though, so we’re all set.