30-10-30 Twice a Week

Dr Darden,
for those that can only train twice per week , what changes if any would you suggest making to the routines in the book ?


Great question, Mark!
I had intentionally the same question in another thread, before rambling into my own construction of routine. LOL.

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I can’t answer for Dr.Darden thats for sure. I have thought about this though. For the older seasoned lifter I think twice a week would be enough.

If your stimulating a response through a thorough inroad more exercise could lead to overtraining even though your not going to failure.

Your still stimulating a response. You probably won’t have to change anything save for the rest days.

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I’d say eliminate the middle 10-30 workout. Perhaps after 4 or 5 workouts, depending on how you feel, you might want to do a 10-30 session?


Anybody doing the original 30 10 30 routine?

Recommended 30-10-30 Exercises

Below is the 30-10-30 workout and the order of the exercises. You’ll do all exercises in every workout, one set for every movement. Each once-a-week workout should take about a half-hour.

  • Leg Curl Machine
  • Barbell Squat
  • Calf Raise on Machine
  • Pulldown on Lat Machine
  • Barbell Bench Press
  • Barbell Curl
  • Barbell Overhead Press
  • Barbell Reverse Curl

What is the difference between the old and new routine?

If your talking about the original 30-10-30 in the killing fat book the routine you listed is not in that book.

I think that one is from a T-nation article.

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@dips_rule, correct. He posted the T-mag routine.

Looks like a good go to alternative for times when you may not have time to train more than once per week… or for a trainer training clients who would only come once a week… with the slight change of not going to complete failure?

A pic a few months ago following the killing fat 30-10-30 program

embarrassing, i know…not as big and muscular as some you folks…trying to lean out at 58…not easy, lol

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Have a before?

I don’t…but i was 20lbs heavier…at 225, mostly fat

this pic i was at 205

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good work

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