30-10-30: Strategy When Having Maxed Out On The Leg Press?

Dr Darden,

Question: What strategy/strategies do you recommend after reproductively having maxed out on the Nautilus Nitro leg press machine during 30-10-30 (or even 4/4 cadence)?

Do a second or even third set (which obviously is not part of the original plan)? Apply intensifying strategies like your supersetted leg killer routine (short term solution)? Is there a suitable pre-exhaust or “before excercise” prior to the leg press (please bear in mind my knees can’t handle heavy weights on the leg extension machine)? Is heavy squats the only proper solution? Sissy squats for pre exhaust?

Thankful for any advice!

Wall Squats or Planks, standing on your toes are a good Quad pre-fatiguer.
Up the reps or negatives: 45-10-45 or 45-12-45 or 30-15-30
Add a 50% set: Rest 45-60 secs after the 1st set and then attempt 20-5-20 with the 2nd set!

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What about trying the Leg Block of the Surge Challenge (3 Pump sets of 8 reps with different foot positions - 10 second rest between sets; 60 second rest Stimulation set [10 second hold in lower position followed by normal positive reps and negative reps with lower half to take 5 seconds to end with a 10 second hold in lowered position]; 60 second rest and Flutter set for 20 seconds.)

I am doing my version of the Leg Block which like what I stated above where all sets are on the leg press machine.

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do one leg at a time

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Thanks Simon! Out of curiousity, have you tried these variations yourself?

You are obviously more updated than me, RT! The next step to follow 30-10-30 is the M3 Muscle (Surge challenge) for sure. I will look into this, and see if I can tweak it into my program. Thanks!

Thank you! And here you provide the most simple, easy and direct application… I actually had my thoughts on doing lunges 30-10-30 style.

Still curious what @Ellington_Darden would suggest, though…

How about doing a set of dumbbell squats prior to the Nautilus Nitro leg presses. Start with a pair of 25-pound dumbbells.


I’ve tried the wall plank – I’m pretty sure I got it from one of Dr D’s leg routines – and it’s an effective quad pre-fatiguer. I often use Leg Ext, since I have no problems with them.
I love 50%, but never tried them on 30-10-30 — so I’m just guessing how that would work!

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Way to go! I tried the 50% in Big Jim’s plateau breaking routine (after a max one rep) and it felt great.

I’ve not used this machine before, but maybe you could try zone reps using the bottom half or third range (where it’s presumably harder) and as you fatigue move into the top zone.

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Big Jim’s 50% is dropping the weight 50% and seeing whjat happens.
The 50% I’m talking about (Dr Ken, I think…), is keep the weight the same and try to get at least half the reps you got the first set. Of course, with the 30-10-30 it’s guesswork:
Is it gonna be 15 or secs for the negs?
If you lower the Negative Times, what will the reps be in the middle part?
Maybe, start with 15-5-15 and see how hard or easy that feels?

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Thank you Dr Darden! This is very suitable, as the dumbbell squat will also serve as warmup.