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30-10-30 Pre-Teen Results

In my personal training business I took 4 pre teens through the program
Subject #1 gained 5 pounds of muscular body weight
12 yrs old
Subject # 2 gained 2 pounds of muscular body weight
11 yrs old
Subject #3 did not complete program bc of Covid
Subject #4 gained 10 pounds of muscular body weight
12 years old
We will start the next cycle in 10 days

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I wish I would’ve had a smart training plan when I was that age. I just lifted whatever exercises I felt like back then in weight lifting class. Great work!

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Sounds interesting. Let us hear about the next cycle.

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Did you do the Extreme 30-10-30 or another variation of 30-10-30? Not til failure? Please describe how you did it.

This is particularly interesting since there must be absolutely no (or limited) excercise science on strength training in this age group.

petterson - We did extreme
We kept records of the workouts and did NTF

It was a bit challenging in teaching proper form and getting them to actually “feel” the exercise. I had a questionnaire for parents to fill out to get into the program. One of the questions had to do with hormonal changes. I wanted to make sure the hormones were starting to kick in. # of the 4 were in my jiu jitsu program and I do think the one who only gained 2 pounds was just a bit young.

I did notice some big changes in on mat performance as they really were handling other kids easily!

As a side note I had my son at 27 and another athlete perform the program. They both got great results but at the same time it caused such gain in muscular body wt my son had real trouble making his wt class. We weren’t expecting this to happen so we’ll have to adjust moving forward.

This is one the best programs I’ve used for my clients! At 60 I gained 3 pounds as well!!


Can you elaborate your and your son’s result?
Particulary weight/muscle gains. Did you take some measures or bodyfat scan?

We didn’t take scans, just watched the scale. He said after every workout his appetite was insatiable. I noticed the same thing. He walks around about 193 and quickly went to 203.

Ok, thanks

Did kids that age have an issue with doing 30 second reps? It requires a certain kind of focus and patience, which seems like something that might be lacking at 12 years of age…

Yes 2 did and the other 2 did very well. Oddly enough the 2 that did it correctly got the best gains. Might have been an issue of maturity