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30-10-30: No Rest Before the 10 Reps?

Dr Darden–

When finishing the 30 second eccentric,does one go directly into the 10 reps without any rest in between? ie–dont let go of pullup bar?Thanks for your help.

That’s my guess.

No rest until after the final 30 second negative

I’ve tried the 30/10/30 but just can’t get into it … moving that slow and counting that slow rep brings back memories of the disaster Super Slow was for me way back when.

But either way, pull-ups / chins are so hard I can’t imagine doing even five reps following a good 30 second negative … let alone following that with another 30 second negative.

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Yes. No rest in between.

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thats what i thought–thanks for your reply.

== Scott==
I’m just skipping the pull up part of my workout when I do 30 10 30, that’s impossible for me!

Pull ups ? ,
now that would make an interesting topic ! :rofl:


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== Scott==
So a short while ago I actually did one palms facing me chin up bringing my chin over the bar. As usual I got to thinking the next workout maybe 2 and the next 3! Ha ha ! I have the enthusiasm to keep trying them but I forget I now have an old mans recovery ability. Maybe 2 in a month or 2 ??

To paraphrase the great Arthur Jones
Q. How old are you Scott ?
A. Old enough to realise I’ll never perform 10 pull ups again , but young enough and foolish enough to keep on trying !! :grin:

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I would probably be doing exactly the same as you in your position ! :rofl:

Hah! I’m 68 and I never have done 10 chins. At best I think I did 4 or 5 maybe but frankly I hardly ever tried them. Like I’ve said before I preferred to do pulldowns and rows and I don’t think they really help with chins. If I had been smart I would have started doing them as a teen and kept at it. By now I’d be doing maybe ,6 ,ha ha ! I’ll be happy to do 3 or 4.

Lately I’ve been separating my chin routine from the rest of my body. The other day I did my 30 10 30 routine on about 6 exercises . I wasn’t tired in the least afterward . Two days later I did about 5 single effort chins and some some negative chins only and I felt beat to hell after the workout and I took several minutes between each effort.


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For your chins do this rest pause. Do a chinup, take your hands off the bar,and wait 10 to 15 seconds before you try the next rep. Or take longer if you need to but try to work up to 10-15 second between reps. Always stop before failure. Aways. Try for five. Set a time limit. If you only get 2 or 3 stop after your time limit.

I would think about doing this first and then continue with your 30/10/30 Do them on the same days as your 30/10/30

You should be ok with twice a week. Keep the chins on the same day. Don’t do negative chin only at all. At least not for a while

If you find twice a week is to much only do them on your first 30/10/30 day.

It makes sense to do both my chin routine and 30 10 30 on the same day but as I was just beginning to do a 30 10 30 routine so I wanted to do it on its own day to see how I would recover from just that. 30 10 30 seems to be easy to recover from ( assuming I’m doing it correctly) so combining the two shouldn’t be a problem. I’m thinking that I should do the chin part first though as I’m so close to not being able to even do one chin the 30 10 30 routine before it might keep me from even doing one chin?


Just do what I suggested. Chin first then do your 30/10/30 Set a time limit( try 5 minutes) for your rest pause chins. If you only do one or two thats fine.

The go direct to your 30/10/30

You chins should not be slow for now. Just a normal speed. Even if it a few seconds.

You should get stronger from your 30 10 30. That would only help you with the chins.

IF you don’t make progress on the chins after a month then forget about them.

Dr Darden,

If you start the 30-10-30 in chest press with a too heavy weight, can do the 1st negative, but cannot do the 10 positives, is it ok to switch to lower weight, or better stop and restart the whole exercise?

Stop the exercise, reduce the weight, and start over. It’s better to be too light than too heavy.

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ok, thank you

it makes me wonder then, how do you measure your progress? how do you increase reps range and weight?