30-10-30 Metabolic Challenges Frequency

In your book 30-10-30-Metabolic-Challenge, you trained your son on a 3x a week routine, I ‘thought’ I remembered an article on your old site where you trained someone on 30-10-30 but with once a week full body and they gained well, am I remembering right? Is that article still around anywhere? thanks,

It is here…

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The original 30-10-30 frequencies are listed in the killing fat book…starts out with 2x/week, after a period of time and with significant strength increases (about double) its reduced to 1x/week

the extreme 30-10-30 routines were increased to 3x/week

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cool thanks!

Ah that’s where it was ok thanks much!

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Gotta try this and see how it feels, was thinking…

30-10-30 is
11-12 seconds of total concentric
(1 for each of 10 reps and 1 for initial)
80 seconds of total eccentric
(2x30 slow ecc + 2x10 for the 10 reps)

12/80 = 1/6.6 ratio of con to ecc

Alternative could be
1.5/10 con/ecc cadence for 8 reps which would also be the same total TUL and ratio for con/ecc

1.5 x 8 = 12 seconds con
10 x 8 = 80 seconds ecc

I’m sorry to say, the kids in that article just got fatter. One of the only times Ive seen Dr. Darden not include bodyfat measurements of the subjects, and I think that’s obvious why. Poor Matt Dirico, the most striking change in his physique is the several inches he gained around his waist.