30-10-30 Leg Extension - Home Gym

@Ellington_Darden, let me know what you think.


I am not seeing a video on my end.

Okay, this is the way I intended 30-10-30 to be performed on the leg extension. Both intensity and form are rated high in my view. Sticking the contracted position with a slight pause, perhaps one more second, would be my only advice to you.

Overall a very nice 30-10-30 set.


I usually would hold the full contraction a little longer but I was trying to do the 10 reps in 30 seconds without momentum etc… but will do. I’m really enjoying 30-10-30 workouts … much appreciate all your writings and books over the years.


I needed to see that video…i am on it now


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Absolutely shredded brother! Nice work!

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How are you so shredded?

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Looking good on all accounts!

For further inspiration - Would you mind sharing your 30-10-30 routine? What excercises do you do? How often do you train?

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I’ve been doing HIT training since 1978 . Honestly, consistency equals results. I rarely miss. Workouts are enjoyable and competitive to me as long as they are brief and hard. I’ve been doing 30-10-30 since Dr Darden introduced it.

I switch up a few of the workouts. I might do a 1 minute chin or dip or negative chins or dips instead of pull downs or bench press but mainly just stick to basics. I’m going through some hip pain rt now so squats are a struggle but 30-10-30 lunge are definitely efficient enough.

Currently, I am training 3 days a week but skip legs in middle workout. On 2 or 3 off strength training days I do interval training on bike for 12 minutes. ( feels good for my hip)

I’ve always been inspired by Dr Darden common sense training writings. If I can pass that along to others I am happy….


Thanks. Enjoy the process ( pain) lol

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You are well put together!

Thanks for this! I see you are lifting fairly heavy on leg extension - Have you (like me) experienced problems with 30-10-30 when progression makes it feel too heavy on some excercises?

Leg press and squats comes to mind. Even some machines can be a struggle when the weight/leverage increase. Maybe lunges (or other one limb excercises) is an alternative, like you do?

For a better description I am talking about the 10 positive reps (1 sec pos) in between the 2 sec negs. Obviously, we are about 40% stronger on the negatives to begin with. I experience the need to apply more power on the positives, which may affect form. Also it may take 2 secs to perform the positive.

Maybe this isn’t an issue at all - and the solution might be to change excercise for more control - like you did with lunges.

Thoughts on this @Ellington_Darden

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1 minute weighted chin today. This should help!! I’ll send the video after workout.

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