30-10-30 for Older Folks

Hello Dr. Darden,

I just purchased and read your 30-10-30 Met Con PDF and really liked it/thought it was intriguing. I’m 58 years old but am still in decent shape. Are there any adjustments I should make considering I’m a bit older than most trainees And have noticed my recovery is much slower than it used to be? For example, maybe 2 days per week with one 30-10-30 and one day using a straight 10 NTF sets? BTW, I was a Nautilus instructor While in college in the 80s and worked with Dr. Wescott and J. Martino. You visited our YMCA facility almost 40 years ago But unfortunately I was on vacation. Wish I got a chance to meet you - the Nautilis bodybuilding book with Boyer Coe was my Bible to train clients. Appreciate any tips for older/mid life trainees. Thanks in advance - hope you are well. -Kevin

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You should be able to do the program exactly as described. I do not recommend any changes.

Thanks for your reply!

Dr Darden, after completing your 14 challenges, how to continue? can one continue to do 3 times a week around 8 exercises ad libitum?

Yes, you could do it that way. But here’s what I recommend:

Go back to Week 1. Add 3-5% more resistance, and repeat the entire plan.


great, thank you very much