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30-10-30 Even When Very Active?

Hello Ellington,

Next week I start the probie camp for a fire department down in Broward County. Four days a week they will be making us run maybe 2 to 3 miles per day as well as mostly bodyweight movements like pushups and situps. Part of me thinks that not only will I not gain muscle during that time but might actually lose muscle.

Anyways I wanted to begin applying your 30-10-30 method which involves only working out once a week. However, should I wait till after probie camp which is about 6-8 weeks? Or use your 30-10-30 once a week in my days off regardless? I know rest is very important but I remember reading in your article the teenagers you trained were also active in other sports so I’m a bit unsure as to how to proceed.

Thank you in advance.

I had one of my previous trainees, who was familiar with 30-10-30, go through and recently finish the three-month physical course related to becoming a sherif in Osceola County. He went through the same type of running and conditioning that are going to do. And . . . he did no strength training at all during the entire course. He completed the course, with no problems – and he lost 25 pounds of fat in the process.

He came by a couple of weeks ago and watched his dad train. Afterward, I asked him to try to do the entire weight stack on my Nautilus chest machine. So, we loaded it to 250 pounds and he did 3 reps. My son, Tyler, is the only other trainee of mine who can do that.

You sound to me like you are already reasonably strong and in good shape. My advice to you is to not do 30-10-30, until after you complete your fire department camp.