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30-10-30: Endurance Training? Creatine? Exercise Substitutions?

Hey Dr Darden. Just finished reading your new book a few minutes ago & I have a few questions. My job demands I have good endurance & also requires me to wake up a few times past midnight 9 days out of the month. Due to this & other reasons I have a few questions:

You’ve mentioned before to keep running to a minimal which I will. However, what do you recommend for endurance? Is swimming or being on the stairmaster with an 80 lb vest for 15 minutes ok?

In addition to the supplements you mentioned in your book, can I also take creatine? I’ve used it before & it seemed to work.

Can I substitute some of the exercises for maybe weighted push-ups, dips & pull-ups without compromising results? Gyms are very overcrowded.

Please let me know what you think. I’m excited to give this all a try. Thanks

If you are serious, for 5 weeks I would not do swimming or the stairmaster. Do not take creatine. But you can make certain exercise substitutions.

Gotcha. Just so I can gain more insight, why do you not recommend taking creatine this time? You’ve suggested it in the past.

If you are applying Plazma and Mag-10, you won’t need creatine.