30-10-30, Changing Eccentric Pace During ROM?

I’m getting great results on the 30 10 30 workouts. My results are getting better with tweaks to be sure but also I’m actually working out consistently.
On another thread I commented that I was slowing down the eccentric reps on the 10 phase and this was a mistake. Now went back to the cadence in the program. That’s helped a lot. Much better pump.
I’ve also taken the weight down on a few moves so my form is better. I’m also able to contact harder during the negative. I make myself contact much harder during the negative. I had been at times just controlling the descent evenly, but not really contracting hard. Note I am contacting harder during the eccentric phase and it just feels better during and after.
This brings up my tweak and I’m looking for some input. During the course of the eccentric rep, I’m actually speeding up during the easier phase and slowing down during the harder range. It’s much more difficult and feels more productive. Your thoughts?
I’m also taking something pre and post. Seems to help. This is new though.
And oh man, The hunger about an hour later. Wow.

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You’re on the right track with the final negative. If you read the new ebook, Dr. Darden states that the first half of the final negative should take about 10 seconds and the 2nd
half should be about 20 seconds.

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I agree, except where it isn’t so. Lateral raises for one. I’m finding where it’s hardest on the others. Curl too. Middle third is hardest. Machine triceps extension. First third

Again, I believe you’re on the right track with your tweaks. Identifying the harder part of the rep and taking more time in that range of the rep makes a lot of sense. That part goes back to the old ways of “Look for ways to make each exercise or rep Harder, NOT Easier!”.