30-10-30 Book Update?

Is there an update on when the book will be available? How will it be made available?
I am trying this and feel like I am making progress.
I had a bad day yesterday. Don’t know what caused it, but I crashed on the second 30 on each exercise.
I will chalk that up as a “it’ll happen”
My question is on the smaller range of motion single joint exercises. AKA isolation exercises.
Seems incredibly slow as opposed to something like a hack squat…
I am also splitting the routine in 1/2s. Quads, Chest, shoulders, Triceps…and Hammies, Back and biceps.
Variation is needed, because some equipment just isn’t free, so I have to guess at the weight used. AND my gym just got a hex bar for squats so I am going to go through that torture next workout.

I won’t even bring up the hunger. I leave the gym somewhat spent, but not wiped out. An hour later the hunger hits…

The 30-10-30 book will be available in mid-January 2021. And it will be an eBook.

What you are experiencing toward the end of your workout and an hour later is normal. Your body needs some carbohydrates, fluids, and calories.

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Looking forward to the book.
If there is an advanced purchase or a way to get an alert that it is released sign me up or let me know how to sign up.

Dr. Darden,

I’ve been doing 30-10-30 for awhile and really like it. Recently, I switch to it exclusively.
Do you address the science behind why this method works in your book? Dr. McGuff talks about sequential recruitment in his writings. Inroad has been written about extensively. I’ve been following your advice to not take the middle reps or the last negative to failure and I really like doing it that way. It’s let me really focus on the turnarounds and good form. I’m just curious as to how 30-10-30 with the avoidance of failure lines up with the science. Maybe it’s as simple as deep inroad without hammering the body with too much fatigue. I’m not questioning whether or not it works because I’m convinced that it does, I’m just curious.


David Sears

great questions.
I wonder about these too. I also wonder about the frequency.


I believe the answer is partly what you stated – a deep inroad without hammering the body with too much fatigue. There will be more explanation in the eBook.

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Depending on cost, I am considering purchasing your new book for most , if not all of my clients. Will there be an option for the use of my credit card/PayPal but for downloading to go to my clients’ email addresses? Please and Thanks! :slight_smile: