30-10-30 Adaptation?

Does adaptation ever occur during 30-10-30 routine? Adaptation meaning no further progress.

Other ordinary routines often result in adaptation, but I have yet to experience it under 30-10-30. What I have noticed previously, is a tendency towards overtraining. Something that Darden now has met with “not til failure”, NTF. Also, the concept of “gains week” and occasional rest periods, seem to readjust the body for yet another period of 30-10-30.

It would be interesting to hear your view upon this, Dr Darden - as well as 30-10-30 experiences from other trainees. Do we adapt?

I’ve been using 30-10-30 on some of my trainees for two years, not every workout, but on and off. There is some adaptation, but the key is to incorporate related techniques for 30-10-30. For example, the 30-30 chin and dip, the 60-second negative chin and dip, 10-30 style, 30-30-30 exercises, 20-second holds, and normal style.

I’ll have more to say about these concepts in a new article on T-Nation next week.