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3 Yr Old Weighs 9 Stone





Child abuse at its finest. Terrible parents.


we are all going to be so jelly of his calves in 15 years


Mom always said there were starving kids in China.


That's impressive. But can he do a marathon!

Actually, in all seriousness, it's pretty digusting. I read an article about him some time ago and his parents were quoted as being impressed with his eating capabilities. The quote went something along the lines of "He's got such a great appetite! He can just eat and eat whatever we give to him!"

Awful parents.


I'd want to rule out undiagnosed Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Genetic disorder at chromosome 15.

They are usually small infants but quickly become obese, often by age 2.

Extreme and insatiable appetite are part of the syndrome.


I know it's terrible and the parents should be shot and all that, but this is one of the funniest picures I've seen in a long long time


Liar! This is not a donut!


A face only a mother could love.


Fair point Powerpuff, if it is a medical condition, though the article suggests otherwise. Not that I would rely on that article for any basis of truth. It IS the Sun after all lol. ;p

That being said both articles I've read cite the parents as being afraid of him. I mean, seriously, man the fuck up and put the kid on a diet before he dies. It's not like he doesn't gas after a 10 second tantrum if he can't even breath properly while playing with his toys.


who the hell is afraid of a toddler... what kind of parenting is this? Is this real life?

"i have to feed my kid... otherwise he'll cry... im afraid of crying... "

wtf? srsly if people are afraid of the pussification of america they can be at ease becuz it seems like its a world wide epidemic... experts are saying the coddling of males in the asian society has caused them to deal with stress in extreme and unhealthy manners (see rates of suicide for mid 20 males in asia) and also have caused them to be anti-social...


I live and work in Taiwan and I see many mothers here that seem to act more like their son's secretary/facilitator than a real mom.
They must organize their son's lives help make them better students and eventual businessmen.

Even on the subway I'll see women stand up so that a boy (not a little one like 5 or 6 years old , but 12 or 13) can have a seat. That doesn't happen with girls. Hell, I even see young men who should know better (like in their 20s or 30s) letting a pregnant woman or older woman over the age of 50 stand.


Sumo stance to bad he just ate the rice instead of throwing it.


I recognized this picture from when I was in school. This is what used to be considered Obese in regards to PWS. Also PWS are MR and this article did not lead to believe this child is MR. I think this is just plain bad parenting.


dear god...someone needs to photoshop this pic so he is in this position while standing over Tokyo or something.



In none of those pictures I saw a hint of an eye.


DJHT - The only health information in the article says "A few youngsters with eating problems have a hormone disorder, but in this case it SEEMS that Lu Hao's family have simply fed him much more than he needs."

First, a look at his endocrine system wouldn't tell us if he has Prader-Willi.

They'd need to do a chromosomal analysis.

Many of the kids are not MR, or are intellectually borderline.

Mild MR or Borderline IQ can be fairly hard to diagnose in a three-year-old.

I know this from experience.

EDIT: Parents usually have to install locks on the fridge and cupboards with these kids.


In my area, there are a lot of 4-year-old Asian kids playing violin. It made my tall blond kid fairly easy to pick out in an orchestra concert. :). The parents tend to sit down with the kids to practice, and oversee homework on a level most of us are not willing to do.

My son recently told me that he "wished I was Asian mom".

Translation: "...If you'd had me in violin lessons when I was four, and stood over me with a frying pan while I did my homework, I'd be really, really awesome."

That was one of the funniest critiques of my parenting to date!


Those must 9 big-ass stones.


Not my area of medicine so not even going to try to argue the point, this is actually my wifes area. When I was working ER in south texas I had a few kids walk in that were this build and I think from a medical standpoint you just want to believe this is not an environmental condition. There has to be pathology here to cause this. Unfortunately this trend is not what we are seeing.

My wife worked for a pediatic endo that was leading a study about Type 2 diabetes in children in south texas. How do we explain the fact of children younger than 13 getting type 2? When I was in training early on in medicine you had adult and childhood diabetes as accepted terms for Type 2 and type 1. Sad point we are moving to.