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3 Years Progress

Pictures after 3 years of training. There has been ups and downs in the quality of my training and diet but here is how far i have come.
I am 6.3 foot tall so i was quite lanky and skinny and still think i am :frowning: even tho the girls tell me im sexy lol. I want to look big not just toned and i am pretty sure ill never get there unless i start juicing.

have you tried eating?

couldent seem to post more then 1 pic in the first post



soz for the spastic face expression lol. I think i have reached close to my genetic limit…i am just to tall to get any bigger and my muscles are to long. I really want to build my upper body but mainly my chest which is a bitch to get to grow.

how old are you? what does your workout look like? Genetics are a bitch, but they can be overcome with training.

Genetic limit?

You’ve barely even started growing. Seriously.

How much do you eat, how often do you train and how much can you lift? What are your other stats?

You’re not at your genetic limit.

[quote]Gymjunkie4life wrote:
I think i have reached close to my genetic limit…i am just to tall to get any bigger and my muscles are to long. I really want to build my upper body but mainly my chest which is a bitch to get to grow. [/quote]

Genetic limit? You think you need to juice to get any bigger? That is ridiculous.
Your chest is proportional to the rest of your development.

[quote]Gymjunkie4life wrote:
I think i have reached close to my genetic limit. [/quote]

With that attitude you may as well have.


i was going to commend you for your progress and then you said something very dumb - “I think i have reached close to my genetic limit.”

might as well quit now then, your done. three years is a long time to be lifting (fucking christ) your capped out.

COME ON! you’ve just begun, and genetically your blessed w/ being lean, you’ve got good insertion points/muscle bellies.

you’ve gone from 120-160lbs right, i’m guessing??? hey if “men’s health” is he body you want you are there, no need to stay here at T-Nation. edit - your 6’3" so i’ll say 150-175lbs.

look man-- my elbow/shoulder/wrist on my left are fucking hurt right now, i’ve taken three days off during a time when i feel myself pushing/growing, it kills me to not be at the gym and then i get to wake up to a post like this, fuck it dude quit you’ve achieved it all!!!


6x8 pull-ups
6x8 military presses
6x8 upright rows

I use to do deadlifts on this day but i have a problem with my back now becuase of a leg injury that has caused my right leg not to grow as much as the left leg and as a result my body is of balance and my left back muscles just get pulled and fucked everytime i do it. Its a shame as well because it was my best exercise and i use to be able to deadlift like 160kg


6x8 barbell curls
6x8 skull crushes
6x8 side lateral raises
6x20 calf raises


6x8 squats

random abb shit like leg ups and sit ups


6x8 bench press
6x12 incline press
6x12 lying down on bench and lifting dumbells from the side up to the top…forget what its called lol
6x8 bent over rows
6x12 shoulder shrugs


6x8 barbell curls
6x8skull crushes
6x12 bent over side lateral raises
6x20 calf raises

Saturday or sunday i mite do a lil extra something if i am feelin up to it…

my food is the same pretty much every day


Oats with a shake 2 fish oil caps and a multivitamin


some toast with fruit


Chicken sandwich with capsicum, onion, cheese, lettuce, tomato, carrot, mushrooms and avocado and more fruit

Before dinner

More toast with a shake…most my toast has natural peanut butter or honey


Something my mum cooks up which is usually really healthy and has lots of protien and veggies

Before bed

A shake with water or milo with milk

chicks find him sexy, so his potential is capped! lets get with the program guys.

eat some more of this

Eat more food, lift more weights. Also, why do you only do squats on wednesday? Add some more to that , squats aren’t so bad that it’s the only thing you do.

reached your limit? U DONT EAT! im surprised you’ve even had the progress you’ve had. like beans said eat some fucking red meat stop being a sissy with your diet. make up your mind; big or mens health (and tbh your gonna need to eat more even to reach the mens health standard)

you do have visible abs which makes me think you haven’t tried eating enough

Screw the small cuts of meat you need the whole thing! That way you get milk included =)

Yeah, there is no way youve reached your genetic limit in three years, especially with the way you look (nice progress though). Not everyone is meant to be a massive bodybuilder, but most people can put on some decent size if they are smart about it and bust their ass.

There are a couple of articles on here that might give you an idea of how to pack on some meat. Best of luck!

Kid, I promise you that you won’t believe how awesome your progress will be if you start eating like your life depended on it. Along with what’s already been prescribed here, start downing shots of olive oil.

can’t believe i’m bothering posting twice but here it is…it’s amazing you’ve grown at at all on your complete lack of food, this indicates good genes and a body that wants to grow. as others mentioned get some red meat in, i eat a few steaks a week plus a pound or two of lean ground beef, keep the chicken and such just add the red meat additionally. go from your six pack to a four pack, you’ll survive…eat. your arms, back, chest shoulders, legs will thank you afterwards.