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3 Years of Bloodwork, Feeling Worse Than Before. Advice?

  1. Before it was in these ranges

CHOLESTEROL, TOTAL |0 - 4.59| 6.88 mmol/L |HIGH|
TRIGLYCERIDES |0 - 1.69| 2.24 mmol/L |HIGH|
HDL CHOLESTEROL |1 - 2.3| 0.9 mmol/L |LOW|

LAST month blood test was :

CHOLESTEROL, TOTAL |0 - 4.59| 5.53 mmol/L |HIGH|
TRIGLYCERIDES |0 - 1.69| 1.35 mmol/L |NORMAL|
HDL CHOLESTEROL |1 - 2.3| 1.14 mmol/L |NORMAL|

It has improved but i blame it on smoking and my sedentary lifestyle. I am working on it and hopefully in next test Total cholestrol would be in normal range as well.

  1. TBH i don’t even remember exactly what was my symptoms. But yeah there was anxiety always like fear of going in public places like in banks, shopping malls etc

  2. I am taking metamucil fibre daily, Vitamin b12(EOD), vitamin D(3-4 times in week) and sometimes biotin like once/twice a week. Nothing else