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3 Years of Bloodwork, Feeling Worse Than Before. Advice?

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all doing good. I want to share my story here and hope to have some opinion or advice from others with similar problems. I had following symptoms,

•Total Loss of interest in sex. Erectile dysfunction
•Always feel weakness & Get Tired quickly
•Head pressure and pain behind eyes and sometimes throat as well
•Fat around waist & hips. Skinny arms and hard to put muscle no matter what
•Can’t grow beard and body hairs at age of 27
•Lack of motivation & ability to put focus stay all day at room and becoming anti social
•Feeling of getting scared when think about going outside for normal things like going grocery, bank etc. Getting anxiety/depress after thinking of all that

My first visit to doctor was AUGUST 2016 and following tests were done:

Total Testosterone 297 ng/dl (270-1070)
TSH 1.88 mlu/L(0.40-4.40)
SHBG 14.5 nmol/L (13.3-88.5)
Total T3 1.58nmol/L(1.34-2.73)
Free T4 12.5 Pmol/L (12-22)
Estrone 381 pmol/L (74-185)
LH 5.6 IUS/Liter (2.5-16.3)
FSH 5.3 IUS/Liter (1.2-18.5)
Estradiol 108 pmol/L (<=206)
Prolactin 4.1 ug/L (2.6-13.1)
Testosterone Bioavailable 7.28 nmol/l (3.60-11.30)
ALT 61 u/l (10-40)
Thyroglobluin 3.7 ug/l (1.6-50)
Thyogloubin Antibody <0.9 kIu/l (<=4.9)
Calcium Total 2.63 m/l (2.12-2.62)

As per result, my Estrone was high so I was put on Arimidex (1mg) daily by my doctor. At the start I felt really good but after sometime I had all same symptoms like before. After few Months I had my blood test again.

MAY 2017
Total Testosterone 518 ng/dl (270-1070)
Testosterone Bioavailable 11.37 nmol/l (3.60-11.30)
TSH 1.65 mlu/L(0.40-4.40)
Free T4 16 Pmol/L (12-22)
SHBG 22.3 nmol/L (13.3-88.5)
LH 7.2 IUS/Liter (2.5-16.3)
FSH 8.1 IUS/Liter (1.2-18.5)
Estradiol 73 pmol/L (<=206)
TGMH 26pg (28-33)
Globules blancs 12.9 (4.4-10.8)
Lympho 4.5 (1-4.4)
Creatinine Serum 64 umol/l (80-120)
ALT 50 u/l (10-40)
Doctor adviced me to keep taking Arimidex and do regular exercise at gym, which I already was doing but having no results. Anyway I did blood test after 3 months:

September 2017
Total Testosterone 592 ng/dl (270-1070)
Testosterone Bioavailable 14.82 nmol/l (3.60-11.30)
TSH 1.68mlu/L (0.40-4.40)
SHBG 16.3 nmol/L (13.3-88.5)
Estrone 207 pmol/L (74-185)
LH 12.1 IUS/Liter (2.5-16.3)
FSH 8.7 IUS/Liter (1.2-18.5)
Estradiol <73 pmol/L (<=206)
Prolactin 4 ug/L (2.6-13.1)
ALT 30 u/l (10-40)

I didn’t felt much difference so I planned to change my doctor. Meanwhile I stopped arimidex and New doctor send me for some extra blood tests to have better picture.

March 2018
Total Testosterone 672 ng/dl (270-1070)
Testosterone Bioavailable 14.5 nmol/l (5-18.8)
TSH 2.96 mlu/L (0.40-4.40)
SHBG 23 nmol/L (13-50)
LH 11 U/L (2-9)
Estradiol 53 pmol/L (<=206)
TGMH 26.5 pg (28-33)
Anti-TPO 42 KU/L (0-60)
Thyroglobluin 3.9 ug/l (1.6-50)
Thyogloubin Antibody <0.9 kIu/l (<=4.9)

He also did thyroid ultrasound. He said my thyroid was quite small so it could be hypothyroidism and put me on Synthyroid and letrozole (replacement of Arimidex). Blood Test when were taking synthyroid plus letrozole was.

August 2018
Total Testosterone 855 ng/dl (270-1070)
Free T3 7.3 Pmol/L (4-5.7)
LH 15.44 U/L (1.7-8.6)
FSH 17.07 IUS/Liter (1.2-18.5)
Estradiol 100 pmol/L (<=206)
Cortisol 255 nmol/L (166-828)
ACTH 6.8 PMOL/l(2-11)

My synthyroid dose was increased and during that time I really start feeling worst. Finally I did the blood test and everything was messed up:

March 2019
Total Testosterone 1015 ng/dl (270-1070)
TSH 0.12 mlu/L (0.27-4.2)
Free T3 5.7 Pmol/L (3.1-6.8)
Free T4 23.3 Pmol/L (12-22)
Estradiol 77 pmol/L (94.8-223)
Testosterone Bioavailable 23.480 nmol/l (4.36-14.3)

Meanwhile i was also diagnosed with H.pylori and got treatment for it. I stopped Synthyroid and was put on Ritalin. I also had MRI to rule out pituitary tumor. It was all perfect up there according to neurologist. Now I am just taking arimidex 1mg twice a week.

May 2019
Total Testosterone 660 ng/dl (270-1070)
TSH 2.44 mlu/L (0.27-4.2)
Free T3 5.7 Pmol/L (3.1-6.8)
Free T4 19.9 Pmol/L (12-22)
LH 11 U/L (1.7-8.6)
FSH 7.5 IUS/Liter (1.5-12.4)
Estradiol 43 pmol/L (94.8-223)
Cortisol 397nmol/L (68.2-537)
ACTH 6.8 PMOL/l(2-11)
Testosterone Bioavailable 14.046 nmol/l (4.36-14.3)
Prolactin 14.5 ug/L (4.04-15.2)
Insulin Growth Factor 164ug/L (63-373)

After 3 years of journey and spending so much money I rarely felt any change in my symptoms. Now it’s worse than before. all symptoms. Now I am more depress because all of this and almost giving up. I will really appreciate if anyone can give any useful advice or suggestion,


Are you still taking an AI?


Thanks for your reply. Yes i am still taking aridimex 1mg twice a week

Why?? You have demolished your e2 already. What possible reason would you keep doing that? It’s like a fat guy eating six cheeseburgers a day and wondering why he’s getting fatter.

My doctor told me to keep taking it. Although it shows out of normal e2 but According to him e2 level like this is normal for a man.

We do not normally see this occur, your pituitary gland is a fucking champion. Your estrogen was low and is more than likely why you felt bad, low estrogen and high testosterone is worse than low testosterone and healthy estrogen.

Ritalin can cause hyperthyroidism, believe me been there done that. It was great for my ADHD, very bad for my Tourette’s Syndrome. I was 125 pounds on ritalin and looked like a damn anorexic, lost 33 pounds in 30 days.

How medications affect thyroid function

Estrone a weak estrogen, and a minor female sex hormone. Do not concern yourself with this hormone.

It happened again, estrogen is low. Adjust AI dosing to allow estrogen to increase. Most men not on TRT who are healthy have estrogen between US ranges 20-35 pg/mL or 73-128 pmol/L. As you can see estrogen was on the lower end. I would need estrogen closer to 30 pg/mL or 110 pmol/L to feel good.

Your doctor has got you chasing your tail, fire the dude or gal immediately! This doctor has stolen 3 years of your life you cannot get back. The problem with most doctors is in range is normal to them, so they are unable to think critically and are mostly robotic and should have thought maybe this poor guy needs estrogen on the higher end to feel good.

I mean the range exists because men are naturally on both ends of the ranges, you were more than likely optimal on the other end.


Your doctor is a fucking imbecile. You’ve had low e2 for a while and he/she keeps giving you crazy high doses of a drug that radically lowers it. Stop. Eating. Cheeseburgers.


Throw the AI in the garbage. I know that’s strong, and I am all about having things on hand just in case. But not here. You need to never see any of these “medical professionals” again. They’re imbeciles. Stop the AI NOW. Don’t take it again, it’s making you feel bad and not doing you any good.
I am fascinated by the Ritalin prescription. What, exactly, is that supposed to do for you? Other than make you feel even worse? That is not a playing around drug either. You shouldn’t touch it without profound medical need. I’m saying this as a diagnosed ADD with a valid Adderall prescription. Your test and free T look high enough to feel okay if you drop that AI. It’ll take a week or so to start flushing out of your system and give you some relief.


Thanks, yes You are right. I will try to adjust the AI dose or may be just stop it. But when i totally stop my testosyerone goes down so quikly (like 300) i really unable to understand this. Also what do you think of High Lh levels and TSH level dramatically changes within two months.

Ritalin was prescribed to be more focus/concentrated on work,which really didnt work and i already stopped it. What do you think of hypothridism and high LH levels. Also if stop arimidex my testosterone will go down like before 297 nd/gl. Thanks

I think that you need testosterone therapy, not an AI. High LH is a byproduct of the AI. They are trying to stimlate production of testosterone by destroying your estrogen levels. It is boosting the production of LH and testosterone, but having that low E2 is making you feel like garbage. I think they need to quit screwing around like that. A Clomid or tamoxifen restart would have made sense, a 5 or 6 week restart. A permanent date with low E2 is a violation of the Hippocratic Oath. You don’t make enough T naturally,and you don’t have a pituitary tumour. Go off the AI and go get a prescription for testosterone, either injection or scrotal cream. Then feel good again.

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I will try to talk about that with my Doctor. But it is very hard to convince them about anything as they go by paper numbers. I keep asking about changing treatment but according to him if 1015nd/gl doesnt make you feel good, TRT will do the same becasue testosterone will go up and so do estrogen ann you will have to take AI to lower estrogen again. This is exactly what 2 doctors said.

You may need to do this on your own then. And if you use the right trt dose you are unlikely to need an AI.

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Low E2 sucks. It just does. If they don’t understand that, you don’t need to deal with them. They do not know what they are doing. It’s your health. You wouldn’t keep using a plumber that leaves your house in worse shape than he finds it, you’d fire him. Fire the doctor, and find one that’s competent.

Listen to everyone here. You need estrogen and your killing your health without it.

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Ok perfect. I will stop Arimidex. I have appointment with Doctor in coming week, so will discuss other possible treatements with him. Also if anyone can tell from my blood tests, is there sign of hypothroidism or it was just a try from my doctor.

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Your doctor is on drugs.

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Come on you are going to keep using these idiots? Go to world link medical and find the database . Any of those docs are a good fit. All trained by dr Rouzier and do HRT properly.

Stop going back to the repairman that ruined the most valuable asset you have .

Take charge of your health. You should of researched this before starting trt and none of this would of ever happened.

I’m giving you Straight forward advice. This Trt is important and you can feel great if you do it right.

Stop trusting your doc to do it. Trt is not well researched and standardized. They don’t learn shit in medschool.

It means you metabolize and/or excrete testosterone quickly. We men excrete a portion of testosterone through the kidneys, how much is unique to the individual.

TSH increases when demand for thyroid hormone is needed, higher TSH is attempting to get the thyroid to set it up and start cranking out thyroid hormones. The higher TSH, it means the thyroid is having a hard time producing thyroid hormones.

Normally when we see LH above ranges, it’s a failure of the testicles to produce testosterone, but your testosterone is high.

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Thanks for your message. yes you are right, High Lh means problem with testicles but its confusing that having normal testostrone and high LH at the same time. Plus symtoms still there. Again i will look for other doctors and treatments.