3 Year Transformation. Winter 2013 - Winter 2016

I reposted! thanks guys for the feedback

We need more than just a front shot, that’s why people aren’t replying. We need to see legs, back, etc.

why do we need to see legs? He said he’s doing physique. He’ll be wearing shorts.

A back shot would be nice, but from what I can tell, you’ve got pretty great lines. From this angle, it looks like your arms and delts are your best features. They almost over power your chest, so I would say your chest may be the area I would work on. For balance purposes, I wouldn’t do anything to increase the size of your arms at this point. Your midsection looks great. The only thing I can’t critique reasonably is your back.

Overall though, good work to this point.

I really wanted to post back/legs, but it said since I’m new I could only put one picture in my post… Thanks for the critique though!

you can create subsequent posts with 1 picture in each one.