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3 Year Old Run Over In China


This video is pretty disturbing...


If the 'soul' is a real thing, the people in that video definitely do not have one.


Well they are overpopulated dude. One less mouth to feed. Jk that is terrible.


This only goes to show that no one cares about no one.


I've come to realize the world is a terrible place and am numb.


Where's an asteroid when you need it?


And how many people would an asteroid kill? Asshole.


Holy shit. There are some fucked up people in the world.




I thought it was just a joke... wow... thats fucked up


<------------Does not want to see a 3 year old run over.

<------------Is glad video is not directly linked.

<------------Wants hot wings.


Holy shit thats fucked up


It's actually a lot worse than it sounds. Don't click it


Overpopulation.... And some people still hang on to this belief that there is no such thing.


Apparently, there is no Good Samaritan law in China (or at least that region) and a previous case in that region set a precedent or furthered the mindset that helping a stranger could lead to being legally responsible for the event.


First comment:

"It isn?t ignoring, it?s not daring. If one were to encounter a Nanjing judge, one would be screwed.

[Note: "Nanjing judge" refers to the infamous 2006 case of a man named Peng Yu who helped a woman to the hospital after she had fallen only to have the old woman accuse him of knocking her down. The Nanjing judge in that case ultimately ruled that common sense dictated that only the person who hit her would take her to the hospital, setting a precedent that continues only further discourages and reinforces many Chinese people's wariness to help others in similar situations.] "

Still a fucking disgusting display of inhumanity, but at least it shifts the blame a bit towards bullshit laws and fear instead of just not giving a shit.


^their definition of common sense needs work.


Animals is what they are


Yeah no WAY am I watching that. I don't even want to read this thread.


Couldn't someone at least call 911 or the hospital or whatever?...I think I'll make this vid my facebook status.


not a fan of regulating the internet but fucking A, some shit shouldn't be on youtube. i'm w/ deb and X, no fucking way i'm clicking it. this doesn't mean it didn't happen though sadly.

animals and creatures great and small get smashed everyday, i don't even like seeing dead squirrels in the road, i've moved coyotes off the road before and buried them.

death this way is not honorable or right for any creature.

i'm trying to eat and apple and down some protein before i head out the door to the gym, this isn't something i need to see.


I feel the same way, and there is a lot more crap on youtube that i've had the misfortune of coming across... =/