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3 x HIIT Per Day


Ive got 2 weeks holiday from college over easter where I'll basically be sitting at home studying all day!

To get some serious fat loss going Im thinking of doing multiple sprint sessions on my non lifting days and one session on lifting days. Ive got a bottle of HOT-ROX set aside for this.

So a non lifting day would be :


with extra meals fitting in to get 6 meals per day and each HIIT session being 10-15mins.

Now I now about the 1-2lbs per week rule and Ive read all the important articles and this is my 3rd or 4th time cutting. Ill be lifting heavy to maintain strength and hopefully mass, also taking ZMA, fish oils and vits. My diet is in order at the minute and I'll also reassess it before I start this phase.
Im aiming to lose 4lbs per week.

Am I mad?? Has anyone tried anything like this before? Forsee any problems? Want to flame me??


I don't really see many problems. That much sprinting combined with heavy lifting is the only potential problem I see. I guess it depends on how long you intend to keep this up.

So, how long (how many days a week/how many weeks) do you intend to lift and run like this?



Doing it for two weeks, easter holidays.

If Im fucked up after 1 week I'll re-think things!!


Listen to your body, an overtrained muscle is prone to injury. It's doable, but be careful.


In my humble opinion, I would try to have one fasted low intensity cardio upon waking (read 100 workouts to ripped city) then have one, or two if you really feel like it HIIT sessions.

I feel like 3 a day plus lifting heavy would be horrendous for your nervous system.


Yeah Im considering that too.

Im doing the 100 W/O at the minute (well Ive done like 10 of them!!)

Just to clarify, I would only do 3 a day on non lifting days.



Another idea Ive had would be do vary the HIIT methods between running, stationary bike and skipping (rope jumping)

It would avoid muscle overuse and well, mixing things up is generally a good idea.