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3 x 8 For How Long?


A lot of sources say that absolute beginners shouldn't start of near-maximal, but should keep to the 8 and up rep ranges to build ligament and connective tissue strength up first. Seems logical to me.

Heres my question; how long??

Personally, I did 2 weeks of 3 X 8, followed by 2 weeks of 4 X 6, then one week of 5 X 5 (which I'm finishing this week).

Is this good enough? Can I start a program like WSFSB's now?


Sure. Just remember 2 things:

1.) Start upping the weight gradually as you get up to your 5RM, 3RM, etc.

2.) Make sure you're using good form, and that you're lifting under control.


for a newb, you need to stick to a certrian set/rep scheme and exercises for a longer period of time


You're making it too complicated. Stick with it till it stops working, by that time you'll have a better idea of what to do next.


If you are a beginner there is no need to try to drop down quickly.

Keep the rep ranges up and take all the beginner gains you can get!


After 2 weeks of 3x8, you're still a beginner and should continue with 3x8.

I started out with 2 months of 3x15, then 2 months of 3x12.


yeah stick with it for a bit to get used to lifting, and by that i mean at least 8 weeks, and then it depends on your goals, right now im doing daily undulation peridization and its working great for me


This is interesting.

What about for someone, like myself, who had about 10 months away from the gym and returned?

I'm back at it for 2 weeks now, and 3 X 8 all the time would bore me. I'm also seieng gains by mixing it up Waterbury-style.

Just curious to what you'd say in response.



If it ain't broke, don't fix it


What you described is actually a pretty good way to train for a beginner/intermediate. After those 5 weeks, do one lighter week with submaximal weights and high reps, and than go back to 3x8, but with more weight then last time you did it.


Thanks for all of the advice. I'll try to stick with my 3 x 8 (I'm currently in a BW only week due to a family friend sleeping in my weight room).

I'll take my begginner gains as they come! Can anyone give me at least an estimate though? How long did some of you guys actually stick to a higher rep scheme? Or is it really just until the gains stop? For me, it's kinda hard to tell.

Thanks again.


Bottom line, why change it if it's working? I do one cycle of 4x8, then one of 5x5, then repeat. (different exercises for each) I've been making steady gains for the past 6 months with very few changes. If I do become truly stuck then yeah, I'll switch things up, but so far I've found that I'm always going up on something, and that tends to bleed over to whatever I'm having trouble with after a while. Also, fractional plates are a great way to see continual progress. Would you rather be stuck at 90lbs for five weeks and then finally go to 95, or go up 1lb a week steadily?