3 WK Phase, What do you think?

Next Phase of training will last 3 weeks.

Bodybuilding style lifts, 60 -70% 1RM
(CT wrote this in his guest forum)
Monday (chest)
A1. Flyes 3x8 (604, 20explosive)
A2. Bench 3x10 (REgluar lifting)
A3. Push-up 3x6 (9 sec. eccentric)
B1. Incline Bench 3x10 (reg)
B2. Incline Flyes 3x8 )604, 20exp.)
C1. Db Bench 2x max reps

Tuesday (Back)
A1. Shrugs 3x8 (604, 20exp)
A2. Pull-up 3x10 (reg)
A3. Seated Row 3x6 (9 sec. ecc)
B1. BB Row 3x10 (reg)
B2. 1-arm Row 3x8 (604, 20exp)
C1. Lat Pull 2x max reps

Wed. (Shoulders)
A1. Lat Raise 3x8 (604, 20exp)
A2. Standing Soulder Press 3x10 (reg)
A3. Front Raise 3x6 (9sec. ecc.)
B1. Behind Neck Press 3x10 (reg)
B2. Lean Away Raise 3x8 (604, 20exp)
C1. Shoulder Complex 2x max reps

Thrus. (Arms)
A1. Preacher Curl 3x8 (604, 20exp)
A2. BB Curl 3x10 (reg)
A3. Rev. Curl 3x6 (9 sec. ecc.)
B1. Nose Breaker 3x10 (reg)
B2. Tri Ext 3x8 (604, 20exp)
C1. Db Tri Ext 2x max reps

Fri. (Legs)
A1. Box Squat 4x8 (604, 20exp)
B1. Leg Curl 4x7 (1st rep 12 sec pause, 2 rep 10 sec pause, …)
C1. Back Squat 1x20 (reg)
C2. Wall sits 1x max time
D1. RDL 1x20

*Each rest interval will last 90 secs b/t sets and 3 mins b/t exercises

Please, someone fell free to help better the program. I have always trained for athletics and want to give bodybuilding a try.

I will post my next phase in a couple of weeks.


Phil S., in my opinion BB is a never ending research of what works better for our bodies. So my advice is try your program and the next phase as well and see what happens.
There is the definite possibility to choose a workout for single bodyparts and get good results. I have never used this system. Using ABBH and ABBH2, I alternate leg days with pushing/pulling days. What I like is the one day on/one day off scheme that allows me enough time to recover. As you certainly know, it is during off days that you build the muscle. In your program you train 5 days in a row … If you read T-Nation programs you will find a majority of 4 days training/week and no more than 2 days in a row. At the end of your training phases you may try different approaches such as CT’s OVT or CW’s ABBH.
Hope that helps !

I think the overall program looks good. I started CT’s program about 2 weeks ago. I am doing arms and legs a little bit different from your program.

I’m doing legs with the standard giant set, superset and then finisher. I use leg ext, squat. bulgarian squat, then RDL with split squat, and reverse hyper as the finisher.

On arms I will do a giant set for biceps and then one for triceps. Then I will superset a finisher for each.

I also added in some calf training on one of the ab days.

I think the program is pretty tough and it seems to be working well.

good luck

I think you’re doing too much for your hamstrings, you might want modify that. Seriously, legs are 50% of your body but you are training them 20% of the time. I always had knee trouble untill I trained quads and hams seperatly, even in a bodybuilding phase.