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3 Weeks to Spooky Spectors

Heya T-Freques. I feel that T-mag/Biotest should involve itself in the holiday spirit by selling “Fun size” GROW! bar treats (in Jack-o-Latern Lemon and Pumkin Patch Peanut Butter). JB can write a fiendishly blood-curdling article on F+C meals, TC and Shugsy will dress like a big container of soy protein and a Belter doing kickbacks, respectively. For the most ghoulish of exhibits, Ian King can write a program without warmup sets or proscribed tempo. Eveeeeeeeel I tell you! Feel free to add more.

MBE: "Blame it on post workout endorphins and a Surge high. Since 666."


I was thinking the same exact thing about the Grow Bars MBE! By golly, I’d go trick-or-treating for some PB Grow Bars!

Well, I’m surprised you’ve forgotten about Pavel going around preaching the virtues of HIT and wearing a Mike Mentzer t-shirt while he does crunches…

and of course, Coach Davies better be on the treadmill at a pace that allows him to run for 30+ minutes while his heart rate is in the ‘fat burning zone’

Upcoming articles, Make spandex your friend by Dave Tate, Swiss Balls and Balance Boards a 12 week specialisation program by Ian King, How a weeks fasting cleansed my system by John Berardi, Iceland Rocks! my visit to Reykjavik by Chris Shugart.