3 Weeks on TRT, Worried About E2

Hey guys so I am into my third week on TRT. First two weeks were better than I could’ve asked for. This week hasn’t been bad per say but not quite as good as the first two. I have had a day or so where my energy levels have been down a bit. Also, I have gone from 166.6 pounds to 169.1 in three weeks. I am killing the gym and my muscles look noticeably bigger from when I started trt over three weeks ago now. I’ve also increased my lifts by ten pounds across the board. So I’ve got some muscle growth but I’m sure it’s a little bit of water.

Basically I’m just concerned about E2 a bit. It’s been a worry of mine since I started. My libido has been steady this week, frequent erections still but not quite as strong as it was in week 2. I’m due for labs in 3 weeks. My original E2 was a pathetic 4.8pg/dL. My total T was 50ng/dL free T didn’t even register. 100mg/week test Cypionate. Thanks for any responses guys.

Unless your on an AI I wouldn’t worry about it. If you were I would worry about crashing your E2 especially with your starting numbers. Your body is adjusting so you may hold on to some water while its fluctuating. Let your body stabilize and make any adjustments after labs. You won’t grow a pair of tits in that amount of time if that is what you are worried about.

Yeah that’s basically what I’m worried about. That and E2 crashing my energy levels and killing my libido/erections. I kinda figured it was my body just adjusting and I know I’m gonna have days where I feel off. Not on an AI at this time thankfully. I’m hoping to avoid having to go on one.

Chances are that you wont need one. Did you get your SHBG checked beforehand?

Also, be careful associating every minor setback as being caused by e2. A lot of the times it has nothing to do with it. Just natural swings.

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You should understand that 2-6 eeeks this is expected. Get to week 6 and levels have only stabilized. Now after week 6 see what those levels do for you. At week 7-8 expect more consistency.

Libido will come and go. Sleep: itchy nipples. All kinds of shit will be off and on for 3-5 months. Nobody needs ai for this.

If you do get high E2 you will know it. You might be having libido but cannot feel any sensation during sex. You will feel red faced. Fatigued and so on.

This is where you change your dose. Do daily injections.

If you are lean and eat right that shouldn’t cause any issues.

Jsut do yourself the favor and stop comparing week to week after 2-3 shots of test. It’s painful to hear.

I’m 6 months out and I only started feeling good around 3 months ago.

A good doc makes all the difference in the world if you do have issues.

Yes my SGHB is high. 77nmol/L. I was told that was really high which I believe based off of everyone else’s level. Yeah I tried to keep that in mind. I know things are going to fluctuate. I hope your right and I don’t need an AI. I have really heard nothing but horror stories

You will probably need much more than 100mg with that shbg. What kind of DR are you using?


Guys with higher SHBG rarely use AI.

Are you taking any medications? (regarding high SHBG)

I am not taking any medications. Before TRT I was using DHEA supplements and maca root etc. Neither did any good evident by my horrible levels. It was suggested that my SHGB is high because my total T was only 50, I guess that could be the case. I don’t have any other medical problems other than primary hypogonadism. I’m 32 and I’m in good shape and work out 4+ times per week.

That’s what I was told. That 100 was a good starting point but I will need more. I’m thinking 150 a week will hopefully do the trick. I feel much better on 100 a week so far but I’m sure it’s no where near optimal. I’m using an adjunct to my pcp. He provides hormone care to people at my current MD office. He’s pretty flexible he allowed me to have tremendous input on my TRT which was nice. He advised against shots every two weeks which I agreed with. I didn’t want to do that at all.

Alot of guys with your numbers would probably want to start at 150. 75mg twice a week if you are interested in keeping steady numbers. Some guys enjoy the one shot and the rush that comea with it then just take it easy towards the end of the week while their levels drop. I much prefer to just stay at a steady even optimal level all week. For example Staying close to 1000 all week rather than starting at 1300 and ending at 700

Fortunately I haven’t had much of the crash effect that tends to happen toward the end of the week. But having said that assuming I do increase to 150 a week I will seriously consider doing two shots per week of 75. My SHGB being 77 was still considered in the normal range. The range the lab used was 18-95. But it’s definitely on the higher end. Maybe it will go down after some time of being on TRT

It will go down eventually with TRT, but high SHBG is actually considered a positive for health and longevity in many ways.

really? I have only heard negative things about having SHBG that is on the higher end of normal lol

Low SHBG with low testosterone are associated with increased risk of metabolic syndrome in men.

that’s interesting, yeah I really did not know much about SHBG until my current PCP got a value of it along with my Test and E2. Interesting to learn of its effect on the body and how people differ in their levels. Like I said I really have heard nothing but bad things about it so I was kinda discouraged that it was on the high end of normal. Although it may prevent me from having issues with E2. I cant imagine I have much Free T right now but the way I have responded thus far is better than I could’ve asked for. So hopefully if I do need to increase my dosage a bit SHGB will prevent me from having E2 problems.

Just may need to run your total past higher “normal” range.

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yeah we will have to see what my labs come back at, im anxious to get them done