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3 Weeks on the T-Dawg

To Chris Shugart: Hey Chris, we corresponded 3 weeks ago and you tweaked my supplement program for the T-Dawg. Here are my results so far. Looking forward to your suggestions. 7/1/01 7/21/01 body weight 212# 207# b/f % 20.4 18.6 lbm 168.75 168.5 fat mass 43.25 38.5 Week 1 Avg. Calories 2981 Week 2 " " 2586 Week 3 " " 2503 All macronutrient ratios have been exactly as you outlined in the original diet. This last week my protein avg.was 170g per day, carbs 30g on non weight training days 100g on weight training days and fat grams were avg. 158g on hi carb days, 189g on lo carb days. I worked out with weights, circuit style, on Sun. Tues. and Thurs., followed by 30 minutes of hi intensity cardio.On Mon.Wed and Fri. I did 45 minutes of light to moderate intensity cycling prior to my first meal. Saturday was a free day from exercise and I pigged out on anything I wanted that day. I used Androsol 70 sprays 2x daily weeks 1 and 2. Tribex 4 capsules 2x daily on week 3 and continuing for 3 more weeks. Also using Methoxy 7 3 tbsp. 3x daily, ZMA every night,multivitam, folic acid, and ALA on Saturdays.I also used 3 scoops of surge after weight training sessions. I’m about to start MD6 and I did get a supply of T2. I’m thinking on holding off on the T2 for a few weeks?? Any and all recommendations are appreciated. Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to give you all the pertinent information I could. My goal,if you remember, was to cut my bodyfat in half while retaining my current lean body mass in 12 weeks. Thanks again, PaulB

Man something happened to the way my letter was arranged when it was e-mailed. I had my stats in a chart form and somehow they were jumbled together. I lost 5pounds in 3 weeks with only one fourth pound of muscle loss. Waiting for your comments and suggestions.
Thanks again, PaulB

Just hoping to keep the thread alive until I hear from Chris.