3 Weeks on Testosterone Cypionate

Currently going to a men’s clinic in NY once a week for 150mg of Testosterone Cypionate and 250 IU’s of hcg. Results after 3 weeks with blood work taken same day but prior to my weekly injection, so basically 7 days after last injection:

TT: 747
E2: 56
Started me on .25 of an AI 2x this week and then once a week going forward.

I asked about Free T and SBHG and was told they don’t test these values when you are taking Testosterone Cypionate because the values won’t be correct, is this correct? According to the stickies they are incorrect.

You would think a clinic that only deals with low testosterone and has multiple clinics across America would have there shit together.


Free Test and SHBG may “change” but they will still be accurate. Your free test will more than likely go up, and SHBG, might possibly go down (not by much). But these labs are important. Free Testosterone could be argued is the most important lab value in showing if TRT is working for you. (Besides how you feel obviously)

You need to run from this clinic, absurd statements that almost amount to blasphemy!

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I got the results from the RN over the phone, when I go next week I will speak to the PA, hopefully he has a different answer.

There are clinics that operate on limited testing. Basically a CBO, total testosterone and E2 is all they check. It saves them money and Covers about 90% of issues. I wouldn’t think highly of a clinic that does it that way.

How much can one more test cost? There flat fee is $250 a month, seems like a lot if they aren’t including all the proper labs. It’s just so hard to find someone willing to treat Low T. Tried teo other doctors (gp and a urologist) one didn’t want to treat me with injections and the other one was not well versed in proper protocol. Very frustrating.

A full set of tests. More than you pay them in a month. Just E2 and Testosterone. Between $60 and $70

Trying to find a good doctor is hard. That is a very common refrain on this forum

unfortunately, this is the worldwide issue.

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Wondering if 2 doses of .25mg of an AI could completely crash my E2, I feel like complete shit today.

Well that’s what I take every week these days. It’s not likely but some people respond in an extreme fashion. the only way to tell is a blood test

Had my E2 retested and came in at 33. Definitely less moody now but still have all other symptoms after 9 weeks of injections.

Clinic said they would include free Testosterone test in my next work up but that they don’t treat based off free Testosterone levels.

Might need to look for a new place for treatment in the new year.

9 weeks is still far to early in treatment to notice significant improvements, sometimes it takes longer for the body to reach a balance. I’m 8 month into TRT and still improving slowly. Erections only just started getting warm again, I’m beginning to notice more sensitivity in the last few weeks. You can’t expect miracles in the first couple of months.

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Thanks, appreciate the info.

My experience with labs at a clinic has been similar. Aside from cost, this is a key reason I’m planning to leave them in early 2018. You can’t tell clients “we’re experts and doing everything possible to optimize your treatment” then skimp on basic labs.

Agreed. I think just the lack of knowledge regarding Free T is a big red flag.

What clinic do you go to?

I’m going to Ageless. They do know about free T, and treat based on it, but they calculate it based on shbg and albumin. I’m not claiming that’s super inaccurate but it seems weird that basically the single most important value isn’t tested by assay. Ageless has been OK for getting me started, but I feel bad for guys who put all their trust in that place and don’t question anything.

That’s funny I go to Ageless as well, the Brooklyn location and they only tested free T on my first visit and then said it was useless to test thereafter. I told them my stance on it and they said they would test next time upon my request but won’t treat based on those results. Not sure why the difference between your experience and mine using the same clinic, they told me all locations treat based off the same protocol.

Which location do you go to?

Also BK. Nice people and everything, and I am not saying they’re incompetent by any means, but as you’d expect, business / profit is definitely #1 for them ahead of a super customized, super optimized experience for every client. They aren’t going to be a good fit for me long term.

Strange that we go to the same clinic and we are getting different information regarding Free T, I have talked to the RN and the PA on numerous occasions and there message was consistent., they don’t test unless asked but even if they do test they don’t treat based on free t because that number means nothing since I am supplementing with Testosterone Cypionate.

Please let me know if you find a capable doctor in Brooklyn that knows what they are doing.