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3 Weeks Into My Cycle

hey fellas, hope everyone is doing well just wondering if anyone has ever had headaches with orals i’ve had a migraine for about 3 days and although i know it can be caused by a number of things i was just wondering if anyone had experienced something similar,

besides that i love this stuff the test started kicking in last week i noticed that sex is on my mind more than usual and my recovery time is no more than 2 days (legs)and 2 days ago i was doing barbell rows with 315 4reps before 285 4reps this is the most noticeable gain

but i’am gaining in every exercise i’am also up 2-3 pounds and no noticeable water retention i decided not to use an ai unless needed i can go on and on but you get the picture thanks for all your help guys!

have you checked your BP?

yes i forgot to mention that, my fiancee checked it yesterday she’s an er nurse it was 119/64 so it is’nt that but that was the first thing i thought of as well, also i’ve had small headaches since i started taking the orals but they usually go away quickly i dont remember getting these head aches before this so thats the only thing i could think of thats causing them