3 Weeks Into First Cycle

Hey newbie

That’s it, your lack of knowledge is exactly why Flip got flipped. Believe me he’s a very good guy and provided you pretty solid advise for free that you weren’t able to find on other forums. The prostate cancer and bitch tits scare wasn’t to frighten you, it is real. A good college friend of mine is still dealing with the bitch tits issue from his first dbol cycle years ago.

Usage of dbol alone requires an AI, the best you can do now is just start the arimidex as soon as you receive it. Precise dosing can be achieved only through blood work but I guess that’s also not in your plans. So basically start with 1mg per week of adex divided into eod dosing and continue through PCT.

I have already given you a solid AI and HCG dosage to go with…

Sry, just noticed that. That will be what I’ll be running as soon as it arrives.

Just wanna throw it out there that arimidex can cause estro rebound so I’d recommend aromasin.
shouldn’t be an issue though just personal preference

Yeah, it’s not that big an issue as using Nothing at all, but arimidex is what OP had ordered and if he opts for blood work he’ll be better equipped for his future cycles. You know some people like me are Anastrozole over-responders, they don’t need the same amount of dosage as other people, and you can better track estro rebound issues with blood work than just making guesses.

I have the same issue. On TRT at 140mg per week with no AI, just grapeseed extract, my E2 was less than five. I felt fine, but I know this can cause problems - which is why it’s important to get blood work.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that most of these shi* newbie threads where they ask for help and then act as if they know everything are from millennials…as a University professor I know the type…

Pain is a wonderful teacher.

this is true. It’s why adex should be tapered into PCT (if adex is chosen), similar to why Nolva should be tapered at end of PCT. Nolva can do the same thing when it is discontinued.

Josh: You’re looking at this wrong. We have no reason to ‘cut you slack’. It is in your best interest that we do NOT cut you slack. Should we actually spare your E-feelings, and tell you things are ok when they aren’t? Would you want that? I wouldn’t. If I’m wrong in these forums, I NEED to be called out. If I propose a stupid cycle, I want people smarter than me to tell me how stupid it is. I do not need to be coddled. You’re running a steroid cycle, for fucks sake. You’d think if you’re mature enough to make that decision, you’d be mature enough to also accept criticism based on the decisions you’ve made and posted on an open internet forum. If you want me to ‘get a life’, I can do that. I don’t have to take the time to offer you free advice based on the countless hours I’ve spent reading and learning and experiencing. I don’t HAVE to share these things, but I’m willing to for people that actually have an interest in bettering themselves.

Storytime: I went through AA about a decade ago when I was recovering from alcohol and drug abuse. The 12th step in AA is as follows: “Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.” Carry the message. I’ve taken this idea to heart over the last 10 years, and tried to apply this principle in all aspects of my life. It is my DUTY to share what I’ve learned, and not to be selfish with my time and energy. Just like in AA, not everyone wants to hear the message, but that’s not my concern. I’m bound to providing what I can, and you can take it or leave it.


Bloody brilliant post

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after about 2 minutes of research {google is my friend} i found almost the same plan ,same drugs slightly different schedule