3 Weeks Into First Cycle

Hey guys, I’m a new member here. Just wanted to start this thread to keep track of my progress during my first cycle and to get any tips or suggestions. I’m 28 years old. 5’9" 192lbs before start of cycle.

After doing extensive research, I decided to run the following 12 week cycle:
Week 1-5 Danabol 30mg daily
Week 1-12 Test enanthate at 250ml twice a week (Tuesday’s and Thursday’s)
Week 13-14 off
Week 15-16 Nolvadex 40mg daily then 20mg daily on last week.

I’ve yet to try to give myself a shot, my fiancé is a nurse and was more than willing to give me the shots lol which I decided to have done in my but. Shots made my but sore for first 2 weeks but now I don’t notice it.

I’m currently just coming off of week 3 and up 12lbs at 204lbs. Haven’t checked my bf% but pretty sure it’s lower as my abs show more. After just the first week my arms have grown 1/2inch and now are around 3/4" bigger. My strength is up about 10%. And so far, I have no signs of any side effects.

Ive been eating roughly 4-5,000 calories a day with a moderately clean diet consisting of mostly chicken and brown rice or cottage cheese. I also use heavy whipping cream in my protein shakes.

That PCT is too short. Any adex? Any HCG?

There is a training log on the forums to start a progress log.

You wont be putting on 12lbs of muscle in 3 weeks lol ide go easy on the whipped cream…

The pct will actually be for 3 weeks at 40mg Ed for first two weeks the. 20mg ed for last week. Also, I only use 2 oz of heavy whipping cream in my shakes twice a day.

why are you not running an AI? Run a fucking AI man, especially on Dbol. You’ll almost certainly regret this.

And 4 weeks is too short for PCT. do 6 weeks. and start at 20mg per day, tapering down the last 2 weeks.

Most of that 12 lbs you’ve gained is from dbol. I gain about 8-10 lbs in the first 2 weeks everytime I run it. Just water retention. But it does make you stronger.

Why are you doing tuesday and thursday? the shot should be more spread out if you can. Granted, this isn’t a huge problem, but might as well just do 1 shot a week if theyre that close together.

That pic is what I found to do for a first cycle. I’ve done a lot of reading but what do you mean by AL?

You’ve gotta be kidding…
first off, it’s not AL, it’s AI. Aromatase inhibitor. You have no business running a cycle if you don’t know what that is. Enjoy your bitch tits and prostate cancer. Guessing you don’t plan on getting bloodwork done at any time either, huh? Your estrogen is going to be THROUGH THE ROOF.

You didn’t read fucking ANYTHING before you jumped into this. That’s soooooooooo basic, you should have come across the concept in the first 5 threads you read, if not the very first.

You are absolutely not telling the truth when you say you did a lot of reading. That or your definition of ‘a lot of reading’ means something very different from my definition.

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And sry, I meant I take the shots on Tuesdays and Friday’s.

First off, get a fucking life asshole! I said I was new so it’s a learning curve just like when you did your first cycle. And yes, I did read about that, just didn’t recognize it as al, but everyone is different and there are so many different opinions out there before you decide to cuss a newbie out for doing it differently than you. I’ve read on a few different pages that with it being my first cycle and since my doses are low, that I shouldn’t need that. So I just keep Nolvadex and Clomid on hand for when I start to show symptoms then I can take those until the symptoms reside.

You deserved that reply from flip…

Too many people on here recently posting cycles without everything in place.

You need an ai like Adex on cycle from the get go to avoid gyno…

Research all the nessecaries a little more.

I have used that site in the past too but some of it is out dated… A PCT should be waaaay longer than 3 weeks.

Nolvadex at 20mg ed for 8 weeks is a new improved version of the old 40/40/20/20…

And HCG… Gotta love the HCG.

Ok, so I find a site and see the same info other places also BUT still get criticized because it’s “out of date” but yet when a newbie ASKS the MORE EXPERIENCED people, they don’t want to give advice, instead just tell us to go read it somewhere else. I don’t understand why so much hate about this topic. Just like me, I’m sure you and all the other experienced cycle users had a ton of questions even after reading about all the steroids and its uses. Like you just stated “info is out dated”. There is so much info out there and so much saying one thing but then says something totally different on another site.

No need to get so moody lol…

You gotta understand our frustration when the same questions about an on cycle ai and pct get asked over and over despite there being several stickies about first cycles and pct.


You need an on cycle AI liked Arimidex at 0.5mg eod to control estrogen.

You need to run HCG on cycle 3x per week at 250iu.

You need to increase your PCT length.

This thread follows the classic pattern:

  1. Noob posts thread in which they simultaneously admit they don’t know everything but also claim that they’ve done a lot of research (I believe the word “extensive” was even used!)

  2. Harsh (but entirely justified) criticism ensues.

  3. Noob gets upset at people giving him advice and lashes out in their best Internet-tough-guy voice.

Just to clarify…

I think the “more experienced” people are plenty willing to help, from what I’ve observed on this sub-forum as an amused lurker…I’ve seen plenty of posts where a more gentle tone was used to say “Looks good, but lengthen your PCT” or “Looks good, but you should consider adding an AI on cycle” etc. My observation suggests that the people who get good responses usually ask before they start, provide some evidence that they’ve put some thought in, and maybe give some rationale for why they planned it the way they did (to be clear: rationale based on the physiologic mechanism of action of the respective agents, not “I read this a couple of places”). You a) asked the question(s) after you have already started your cycle, and b) claimed to have done “extensive” research, which often stands out as a red flag here - usually the people who say things like “I’ve done a ton of reading” are the ones with the most basic mistakes. If you claim to have done a “ton” of research or “extensive” reading…it’s almost like you’re trying to prove that you’ve earned the right to wear the Steroids badge. Just post your cycle and ask your questions, maybe with a reason why you did/didn’t do something, and you’ll generally get a much more positive reception here.

I’m not even a steroid guy, so don’t take my advice all that personally…I just find this part of the forum amusing (and often quite informative just to my general understanding of how our bodies work).

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I’m not saying “I earned the right to wear the steroid badge”. And I’m in no shape or form thinking I know all about cycles. I originally just simply stated my first cycle and got harshly criticized for not recognizing what aI was. But like I’ve said before, I did do extensive research all the way down to finding a couple sources that goes into great detail of each steroid and its uses and side effects and half life etc. I’ve researched pinning down to the size and length of needle.

But just to clarify, just because I didn’t recognize the term aI at the time, I do have one in place. As I understand that people think I should be takin it now, I also found numerous posts saying with it being me first cycle and doses not being so large, that I may be fine without it but to keep some on hand in case any side effects start to appear in which I’ll take the pills Ed or eod until symptoms reside. Everyone’s bodies are different so if I can get away without using an aI, why not take full advantage of the test?

I did however note the length of my pct and will be extending to 8 weeks.

Then why are you asking for advice in this forum? If your research was as extensive as you represent, you would have stumbled on the stickies for newbies on this forum…and, in fact, when informed about their existence, you still have not read them.

So, have a little humility. Honey gets you a lot farther than shit my friend.

The irony here is that you know so little at this point that your think your SERM is an AI. You are taking 675mg of highly aromotizing AAS per week. Enjoy those titties. And for what it is worth there is a reason the experienced guys keep disappearing from the forum.

you can be mad at me if you want, but I told you the truth. You should have started this thread BEFORE you started your cycle. This is the biggest problem, and it’s why you got the harsh reply from me. If you had a general awareness of AI’s, and you weren’t sure whether or not you needed to run one, you should have asked. You were reckless. I ran an AI my first cycle, so let’s not pretend it’s impossible to know what you need to do before your first one. I read about steroids for a looooong time, and even became a consistent poster in this section, before I ran them. I wanted to make sure I could explain the mechanisms and nuances of use to other people before I was willing to use them myself. I obviously took more care than most people do, but it’s well worth it.

I’m going to respond to one more thing that you don’t understand. Everybody is different, but only slightly. EVERYBODY will have excessive estrogen levels from the cycle you’re running if they don’t run an AI as well. Everybody. So many people, like you, seem to think that an AI is only necessary if you show outward symptoms. There are plenty of symptoms that don’t reveal themselves outwardly, but severely affect your HTPA. I think I mentioned already that high estrogen over a long period of time can affect your prostate in a devastating way. And you’d never ‘see it’ until it was too late.

I’ll also add that if you wait until you see gyno to start running an AI, you’re pretty much too late in most cases. You’ll never get rid of all of it without surgery. You may only notice this if you get to very low bodyfat levels, but trust me, it’s there.

Finally: your statement about taking ‘full advantage of the test’ is nonsense. Using an AI does not negatively affect a steroid cycle in any way. I don’t know why you would think this. If anything, it will raise your testosterone, not lower it, because you’ll have less aromatization. Test goes up, E goes down. I don’t know why that wasn’t readily apparent to you, but there it is.

You did mention that you were advised to have an AI on hand. Do you have one? Nolvadex and Clomid are not AI’s.

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I swear I was just about to post this ^^^

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From the stuff I read, I found a few different discussions saying to have nolva on hand in case and gyno symptoms comes up and with nolva being the pct, I assumed they were the same. Even though you guys were quick to bash me instead of offering the advice, I will be adding arimidex to my cycle along with extending my pct.

And again, yes, I’m a newbie. So cut a little slack. Like I’ve said before, there are soo many articles saying different a things so there must be more than one correct way of doing things. I just found a forum where an AI wasn’t needed until you showed symptoms that way you have a baseline to know how your body reacts because everyone is differnet.

With that being said, by the time I receive the arimidex, I’ll be going into week 5 of my 12 week cycle and with just finishing dbol, what dosage should I take? And should I take it throughout the duration of the cycle and continue taking it during the pct?