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3 Weeks Into First Cycle, Test and Dbol. Add Tren?

I started my first cycle 3 weeks ago and have been doing good no issues I can see. feel great in they gym and at work ( I’m a Restaurant supply delivery driver ). I just wanted to run the protocol I’m Doing By y’all this was given to me by my “Doctor”

Weeks 1-3
Dbol 40mg ED
Test E 100mg Tue Thurs

Weeks 3-8
Dbol 80 mg ED
Test E 200mg Tue Thurs
Tren Ace 50mg Sun Tue Thurs

I was skeptical about starting the Tren tomorrow. Is it really needed if I’m not competing?

Body Stats
33 Yrs old
254lb Starting
257 Currently
23% Body fat starting

Quick Background
Motorcycle accident 2 Years ago leads to left shoulder injury. severe atrophy to anterior deltoid and locking up of rotator cuff. 2 years training/ therapy have helped still not 100% looking for a boost in bulking to even out some muscle groups. looking to cut towards spring

Diet 6 days

  1. scoop PreJym

  2. Daves everything bagel 2 eggs cheese spicy sausage patty

  3. Fruit ( apple/orange/banana)

  4. Can tuna 2 oz guac

  5. scoop ProJym

  6. 4 oz chicken 1 cup rice 1 cup broccoli

  7. PreJym/PostJym

  8. 8 oz chicken 2 cups rice 2 cups kale/Spinach mix ( this meal can might be split depends on time of day)

  9. 8oz milk 1/3 cup milk solids scoop Projym banana 2 tbsp. pb powder
    Training split

Much appreciated any input

Holy shit. The guy who gave you this cycle is not your friend. I’m guessing he also sold you the gear, right?

No tren on a first cycle. You don’t need it. And 80mg of dbol for five weeks after three weeks at 40mgs is just…that’s just irresponsible. You’re already a pretty big guy. That much dbol is going to cause you to bloat like crazy.

Why are you reinventing the wheel here? Run a good dose of test, eat well, train hard, get results. You don’t need massive amounts of dbol or tren on a first cycle. It’s just wildly unnecessary for someone who’s not planning on competing.


Co worker … seen what ive been going through with the arm. He gave me the tren a week ago first said wait for cutting cycle then he suggested taking it now along with uping the dbol dose.

Think i will run

Dbol 40 mg for 1 more week so 4 wks total

Test E 200 mg Tue Thurs remainder of the 8 wks

Along with diet / training listed above

Can I ask why such a low dose of test? I’m generally in favor of minimum effective dosage, but you’re taking the same dose I take for trt, which puts me in the higher end of normal. You’re getting shut down, but not getting the supraphysiologic levels that most guys use test to achieve. It’s fine, but it isn’t the most efficient way to use it.

See i was told 200mg-300mg week was trt

400-600mg wk was proformance

My guys reasononing was i was a blank slate and he wanted to step me up slow i read CT’s dummies book amd was looking to follow the

50 mg dbol daily

500mg test week

Right now im
40mg daily dbol
200mg test e wk

Jumping this week to
40 mg dbol daily
400 mg test e wk
Based off this convo

Trt varies based on response rate. Some guys can get away with 100-120/w and be right where they want to be. I needed 200 to get where my doc wanted me to be. Don’t get me wrong, you can make gains off of trt, but part of that is because it’s a lifetime rather than a 10-12 week cycle. what AI are you taking?

Nolva 20 mg

Probably keep an eye on e2 symptoms as you increase the test. Nolva is a SERM, and will work for preventing gyno, but you still want to have access to an AI if need be. But if you’re not seeing any issues then you may be fine.

Merry Christmas

Merry christmas thank you for the help