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3 Weeks Into First Cycle, Itchy Pecs. What Should I Do?

Hi there. I’m in my first ever cycle of test e and dbol. I’m about 3 weeks in and getting really itchy PECS and hot flushes. Heard it could be high estrogen levels. What is the best thing to do. I don’t wanna grow tits. I have arimidex and nolvadex but don’t know the amounts I should be taking so havmt touched it yet… Any advice?

what does your bloodwork say your e2 is?

Its really as simple as - do bloodwork and act accordingly.

Drop the DBol first and see if it clears up. If not, try 10-20mg daily Nolva. But, itchy nips doesn’t immediately mean gyno. You’ll get it with hormone fluctuations, esp early on. Like the others said, get some lab work before you take the AI


I’ve done blood work. Estrogen levels are at 386??

Estrogen levels at 386

If it’s the same measurements my country uses, it means your e2 is 10 times over the normal? Just take anastrozole. Start with 1 whole tab today and take half a tab for 4-5 days and check e2 again and then adjust thrle e2 dosage accordingly.

Thanks bro, I think it’s different. The lab test says it’s meant to be under 200 so it’s roughly double the top end of the range

Ah ok, so its around double. Its not that much.
You can start taking 1/4 of a tab of anastrozole and check e2 again in a week.

Thanks bro

Thanks mate, thnks for ur help…i have only got letrozole and nolva on hand atm. Can u suggest if either of those would be a good idea and how much I should start with please. I’m no expert on this stuff but I’m 3 weeks in on test e so does tht mean the ester will only just be stopping off around now so test levels will go up alot and the E levels will rise more with them?

I have no experience with letro and nolva, sorry.

Test ester is at full power long ago, tho.

386 what? And is that e2 or total estrogens?


Oestrogen level total it think. The guide in test says it should be below 200

Not sure what labs you used but in those units it appears the high end is usually around 200pmol/L for E2. So considering you are cycling thats really not too bad if your test is also very high. There are two options without going nuclear. AI such as Arimadex in a reasonable dose. SERM such as Nolva to block the receptor in a reasonable dose.

Thanks for the help. So I been taking 0.2mg of letrozole once every 4 days for last 16 days and just had tests re done and my estrogen levels have crashed so low the test won’t read them and all it says are they are below 50 pgmol which shows as Low low.:scream:. I mean I knew letrozole was strong but .2 mg every four days is a tiny dose. Feel like I woulda been better off having them twice as high as normal than crashed tht low

Well… I told you the two options without going nuclear. Letrozole is a nuclear option even in low doses. You should consider whats best for you at this point. If it were me, I would drop the Letro, wait two weeks, and start low dose nolva to simply keep the pecs inline without nuking E2.


Thanks bro. Def dropped tht letro. Tht aint happening again. Surprised I don’t have any of the low estrogen symptoms. I feel fine luckily. Was thinking I’ll just stay off all AI or blockers and get bloods again in a few weeks and see where it’s at. Thinking I just jumped in way to fast on the AI cos I was scared of growing tits. Guess I just learnt how strong letro is.

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