3 Weeks Into Cycle, Taking 10 Day Trip. Advice?


I’m 3 weeks into a my Tbol cycle but having to leave the country for 10 days due to work commitments. Should I run Nolva now 5 days before I leave or carry on till I leave the will I be okay for the 10 days with just a OTC test booster.

All advice would be great.


Mail what you need for yourself there. Just dont put a real return address. Youll be okay. I do it all the time with prescription drugs.

Unfortunately due to where I’m working I’m unable to mail anything and unable to source it in the country either. I will be taking an OTC natty test booster as a back up will I get back after 10 days. You reckon this will be okay?

Dude buy some where you go. Theres sourcesneverywhere. Take some pills with you. Keep them in your sock. It aint that hard. They arent detectable by smell like drugs. You can totally do it. Theres no need to stop. They dont strip search you. Your talking about a handful at best. Take them with you. I have several times and i just kept them in my pocket.

Dude, chill. Don’t think you realise it’s not as easy walking through customs with unmarked pills through a country that doesn’t take that sort of things lightly. Just because you done it doesn’t mean it was the same location and it’ll work. I’ve got a career I need to keep and getting issues at customs is not what I’m looking for.

Just trying to help buddy.

The natty test booster won’t do anything, so I wouldn’t waste a lot of time on it. You’re already very suppressed, so it’s not as if your test levels will be getting worse while you’re gone. The only difference will be that the tbol will be out of your system. So when you get back you can start again. It’s not like taking your pct with you would be any less illegal than taking the tbol, right? And a five day pct isn’t going to make much difference. So you just need to take a ten day break and that’s that. Not a big deal in the grand scheme.

Thanks for the advice.

So just ride out the 10 days no PCT/Tbol. When I get back how long should I PCT if decide not to carry on the cycle?