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3 Weeks In...


Tell me how you think I'm doing. I'm 18 years old and 5' 6". I started lifting about three weeks ago and since then, I'm up from 145 to around 155. I don't have maxes because I think 1 RMs are bs. I don't have a wheels shot but give me a minute and I'll grab one.






Are you trying to say you gained 10lbs from 3 weeks of lifting? You have a solid frame and are in good shape. What sports/activities have you been doing to get you where you are today? Stick around this site, use the search function and read alot. There is a ton of information here. Good luck.


Yeah I gained 10 pounds in just under three weeks. Um...I haven't really been doing anything physical up until three weeks ago. I used to lift a little in high school.


Great genetics. Congrats :slight_smile:


Nice progress...any before pictures?


Looks like you have kept some ok size from HS. What program are you on now? Your very small right now and basically just have some decent abs. Also genetics has very little to do with his progress, its because of hard work. Keep lifting heavy and EAT. Post your diet and program for more advice-also leg shot-

Only people I consider with 'good' genetics are pro athletes and people competing and doing well in power lifting or bodybuilding. Since they are a small group who has made it to 'elite' while many people try and do much of the same stuff and don't make it.


3 weeks of lifting, and he lifted a little in high school....when 6 months ago? He's 18! He admittedly has yet to put any work in, so these are his "before" pics.


The last time I lifted was the second half of Junior year. I am now a sophomore in college. These ARE basically my before pictures. I figure that I can sort of quantify the improvement in my appearance if I have a before rating and another rating later.
I'm not sure what you're trying to insinuate with the comment about me having yet to put any work in. I stated that this is week three. I thought I was fairly straight forward with that.


My routine is something along these lines

-Heavy squat
-Leg Curl
-Bulgarian Splits
-Wide Grip Pull Ups
-Bent over rows
-Weighted Dips
-Incline/Decline Bench
-Heavy Deadlift
-Light squat
-Over head db squats
-Leg Curl
-Light core/rest
-Delt raises
-Shoulder Press
-light dips
-light pull ups
-(any muscles that need isolation work)

A typical Day's eating goes something like this:

Wake up around noon:

-Shake with 2 cups of oats and protein powder equivalent to 50 grams split before and during workout with creatine and whatever other shit i find to throw in there

2 pm

-Chicken breast and salad

4 pm

-more chicken breast, more salad

6 pm

-6 eggs

8 pm

-protein powder equaling 50 grams

10 pm

-can or two of tuna

12 am

-more chicken breast or any decent meat

2 am

-shake equaling about 50 grams

3 am

-a couple eggs/some cheese

and interspersed between all of that I get 15 grams of fish oil and about 10 grams of uniliver bcaa's


looking good man, . Keep up the work.


looking good but you aint swolebig yet!!


unless im blind, he could never be swolebigNIG, lol.


Crazy for 3 weeks.

....Just gotta ask...

This isnt one of those situations where the person lifted for months or years but didn't count that time frame because they weren't training smart. Right?

believe it or not I have seen it a number of times.


definitely not years, he looks like a beginner possibly did some sports. Doesn't matter how long he has worked out, just how he looks now and where he wants to go.


Gee. I'm apparently doing something really really wrong.


I didn't mean you haven't been working hard for the last three weeks, but three years is putting work in. Which, by the way, with three years of hard work, you'll look awesome because of this base. Good luck with your training.


I see what you mean now. Yeah, I intend on training at this pace indefinitely. My goal is to be as big and as lean as my body and budget allow. What do you think about my regimen and diet?


Nah, I haven't touched a weight since junior year of HS. I think I was a good bit bigger then too. ha