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3 Weeks in TRT and Notice Facial Hair Thinning

Hello guys,
So I started TRT 3 weeks ago at 65mg testerone cyp twice a week. No hcg or ai yet, and I noticed the first week my facial/eyebrow hair started growing thicker and darker than the second week the reverse started happening and my facial hair is getting thinner and lighter and to the point now I’m starting to lose some. Has anyone ever experienced this or know what could cause this. From what I read TRT should make your facial hair grow more and if anything lose hair on head.(yes it’s making my hair on head lighter and shed too which I would think is normal if it wasn’t for facial hair thinning too)

I have no labs since starting TRT but a quick rundown on the 7 or so I did before starting.
Total T between 400-600 everytime
Last blood draw:
Free T 5.75 pg/ml. Range 4.25-30
Shbg 70 nmol/l range 10-57
Prolactin 13.1 ng/ml range 4-15.2
Vitamin b12 1331 pg/ml range 211-911
AST 63 range <40
ALT 138 <41
TSH 1.9 range .78-4.5
T4 1.61 ng/dL range .8-1.73
T3 92 ng/dL range 72-180

Quick rundown but summary of all my blood tests are normal total T with low free T and high SHBG.
I never seen TSH go above 2.0 yet.

I should also add my libido has felt the best so far this week and I noticed a positive change in body composition(I can also eat more without putting on bad weight). Anyone have any advice on why this could be happening.

Your liver enzymes are elevated. That’s the alt and AST. You need to investigate that.

Your body is growing muscle and requires nutrients to do so, your appetite will levels off several months later. My hair became longer, thinner and more of it, more hair on arms, legs and face though. The rise in DHT is the reason why hair is affected, if you hadn’t be low testosterone in the first place your hair would be like it is now.

Don’t you dare even consider hair treatment drugs, they have nasty side effects, some permanente. Don’t be surprised if libido disappears for awhile, right now you have the injectable testosterone and your natural supply until your pituitary gland shuts down, then you must be patient until your body resets itself and adapts.

Typical pituitary shut down times is 1-3 weeks, however it does happen to all just some men don’t feel it as much as others. If you do end up feeling it it will feel like someone slammed on the brakes mentally and physically.

Hellos Systemlord you’re in a lot of these topics just seeing this one as I’m reviewing different things on hair thinning!

Maybe you could help please? My question is I’ve always had past shoulder length hair and it was always thick! But when I went back on Trt last March but after amount of months I noticed it started thinning and it’s not as thick! Also The texture of my hair has been different!

Maybe you can give me a heads up and maybe what to do cuz that’s one of my features was my hair!! It really bothers me so any input or anything you think I could do?

I’ve tried different things to increase naturally maybe there’s something out there that you think that would really help appreciate it thank youc

PS I’ve never had this problem before even when I originally went on trt like 3 years ago and was taking it for two and a half years my hair was fine so not sure

I have hair thinning as well, it’s part of aging and nothing you can do about it.

I understand that it happens with age but not all of sudden in last how many months my hair!

So something could be out of whack or something! I don’t know but it happened to quick I don’t think it should happen this quick

You have a history of high TSH of 3.4 and TSH 5.490 and 2.3 which indicators inconsistent thyroid hormone production, hair loss you describe is usually thyroid related.

Systemlord the tests below we’re done in the beginning of October! So as far as what you were talking about being high that was a long time ago and i did 2 times after months later! It came down significantly!!

So not sure but is that the only thing that could cause hair thinning and hair loss? Is it always a
problem with the thyroid or could it be something else?

Thyroxine (T4) Free, Direct, S



Reference Range: 0.82-1.77 ng/dL

Triiodothyronine (T3)


Reference Range: 71-180 ng/dL


2.380 NORMAL

Reference Range: 0.450-4.500 uIU/mL

The fact that you had TSH at 5.4 is concerning and you seem to be latching onto the better of the three tests, your TSH should NEVER but anywhere near 5.4 and if it is there’s a thyroid problem that may be intermittent only acting up on occasion. My TSH has never been above 1.0, always .6-.8 and if my TSH increased to 5.4, that’s telling me there’s a problem.

You have all the signs of thyroid dysfunction. Your doctor wanted you on thyroid medicine and you declined, doctors don’t hand out thyroid medicine like candy, they only offer it to those show in lab testing and symptoms to have a thyroid problem.

Systemlord thank you for the reply!! Since you know a lot about this and you’re always commenting on threads and stuff and you seem like you know a lot!

My question is maybe you can answer this say somebody is on trt for 2 and 1/2 years and let’s say you stopped like for 4 months and didn’t do any and didn’t even wean off of it!

Could that by restarting it could of cause problems and could whack out someone’s hormones and thyroid totally and more?

So since you know that my doctor I guess saw some of my tests while back and he wanted to give me Synthroid low-dose 25 mg!

And yes you’re right I never did take it because I’ve heard so many rumors from people who have taken stuff and it has whacked there hormones out even more and mess them up even though it’s a low dose! So is there any other type of form of thyroid Med or supplement that I could take instead?

Its synthetic like the one he prescribed or maybe with that other guy Enakers was talking about in earlier posts! That kind of med? Appreciate your input thank you! I don’t think you’re you’re a lot younger!

So I don’t know if that would have anything to do with the protocol everything everybody takes if the age matters thanks

T4 only treatment should be on the chopping block, many don’t feel right on it and still have unresolved symptoms, you can use bioidentical thyroid hormones like Natural Desiccated Thyroid (Armour Thyroid).

No supplements, only thyroid medicine will get the job done. I think stopping TRT after you have been diagnosed with a testosterone deficiency is a mistake considering how hard it is to get prescribed, sick care doctors only prescribe it to the men who have lowest levels in the population.

Thank you I understand what you’re talkin about with trt and yes my numbers originally 3 years ago we’re in the low 200s even over a year ago they were but my question is is if you were on this stuff for 2 and 1/2 years!

What I meant say you stopped it and you didn’t do it anymore and you didn’t even wean off of it for like 4 months!!

I guess the body usually goes back to where it was before you started to testosterone!

Can it wack out your hormones and your thyroid where it can mess your body up totally?

Thank you I will look into that medication I don’t know how I’m going to get that medication you are talking about! Maybe my Endo can prescribe it to me the guy that prescribe the Synthroid!

Or is it something I can get somewhere else please advise and like I said thank you you know a lot about this stuff!

I don’t know that’s why I asked questions and what I meant earlier is I think you’re a lot younger then me! Just wondering does it have anything to do with protocol when you’re on trt your age thank you

That would be the definition of hell.

Exactly or perhaps lower than baseline since whatever is causing the low testosterone is still in play and doesn’t go on vacation just because you are on TRT. According to your TSH on two out of three tests and symptoms you’re describing, you hormones are already wacked out.

Your mind will be sharper on thyroid medicine and TRT will work better, say goodby to your fatigue.

Thank you yes it was the definition of hell! Thats what happened to me! And as far as the fatigueness yes like I told you it sucka its unbelievable! I just want to take a nap tired a lot just no energy at all I can’t even enjoy my girlfriend cuz I get tired!

Damm even working out in the gym!! so definitely going to check that out now system Lord!!

Will this do anything to my body? Can I get it in tack like you’re saying and will help but will help me big time to feel better?

Will it do anything else to me besides that?
Is there any side effects that will whack my body out in other areas from taking this?

I’m really concerned I don’t like to take drugs! thank you so much for your help and your knowledge and everything you know about this stuff! I learning something everyday the more knowledge is power thank you

Good morning Enackers sorry about the confusion on other site yesterday! thanks for your help! I just wanted all exact blood tests for the Thyroid I was asking?

I Know Theres Tsh T3 and Reverse T3 also T4 is there any others to really know if my thyroid isent working Propertly? I’ve had blood tests drawn in the last year for it showed very high and then came down my last the Tsh finally came down to like 2,300 alot of adnormal numbers many months ago and other things were sky high as well!

Systemlord on here said it was my thyroid he thought because of numbers in past like since august of 2018!

But then as months went on had 2 tests since then for thyroid and they came down to the normal range so who knows thanks for your help with this just want to feel good everyday sucks fatigued tired not lots of energy!

And like u said in a post my Trt isent working probably too at all for many months like I said just frustrated with it all just don’t like taking if I have too a drug for my thyroid if I don’t have too that’s why I guess the armor thyroid/ Decciacated thyroid is more natural then the others like the systetic ones just frustrated and don’t know much about this kind of stuff blessings thanks

No disrespect, but you over think and don’t act. I’m looking at your history and @systemlord and I both agree you should take the thyroid . Take what you have been given it’s better than nothing.

Until you take it you are going to continue suffering.

Normal means nothing for thyroid. No such thing. You want to be at the high end of thyroid to feel benefits. Midrange or below midrange is not always the best place to be.

If synthoid doesn’t work take armor thyroid.

Eventually find a trt doc for your own sanity and health. You will get the help you have been looking for.

Thank you Enackers I Read Your Response! I’m just Stauburn and hard headed sometimes with stuff putting in my body! I don’t like taking stuff especially for Hormones but I understand what your saying and system lord thanks so much for your help getting all thyroid Labs done in the next few days my friend so will see! Any other input please put out there bro blessings

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That’s all. This is a matter of finding a fix. We are no longer having the ability to decide. Either we stay miserable or fix it.

Do not forget about testing iron, ferritin and testing all the core vitamins and minerals! I started TRT with an iron, ferritin and Vitamin D deficiency and explains why I got more fatigue on higher testosterone, I became more iron deficient to higher I went. You would figure if I went to 400 and felt low, going to 500 would see me feel better, not worse.

Then on top of all of those deficiencies, something was causing edema swelling of lungs, sinuses and brain causing vision, hearing changes and organ dysfunction. My doctor thought I had either liver disease, hepatitis and/or a thyroid problem.

I always knew something was working against me.

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