3 Weeks In....Considering Test Taper

I am in the middle of my first Test Enanthate cycle.
Below is how the cycle looks like:

Week 1-8 Test E 500mg per week (250mg per Mon and fri)
Week 1-8 Aromasin 25mg E2D
Week 3-8 HCG 250iu E2D
Week 11 Nolvadex 20mg (2XD)
Week 12 Nolvadex 20mg (2XD)
Week 13 Nolvadex 20mg (1XD)
Week 14 Nolvadex 20mg (1XD)

Everything is progressing nicely. When I planned out this cycle I was convinced that with the HCG and relatively low dose cycle, recovery will be a breeze. I am now considering Stasis\Taper protocol to end my cycle. I just can’t ignore all the positive feedback I hear and read about the Stasis\Taper Protocol. Also, I am a bit prone to stress and I am bit worried that my recovery will be harder than I expect. As an option I am considering this:

Week 1-8 Test E 500mg per week (250mg per Mon and fri)
Week 1-8 Aromasin 25mg E2D
Week 3-8 HCG 250iu E2D
Stasis Period (4 weeks)
Week 9 100mg\week Test E; Aroamsin 18.75mg\E2D
Week 10 100mg\week Test E; Aromasin 12.5mg\E2D
Week 11 100mg\week Test E; Aromasin 6.25mg\E2D
Week 12 100mg\week Test E
Taper Period (4 weeks)
Week 13 80mg\week Test E; Novaldex 20mg 2Xd
Week 14 60mg\week Test E; Novaldex 20mg 2Xd
Week 15 40mg\Week Test E; Novaldex 20mg\day
Week 16 20mg\Week Test E; Novaldex 20mg\day

Please let me know what you guys think as an option to ending my cycle.

Link to my log for the current cycle:

I think it’s overkill. Stick with standard Nolva PCT. Revovery should be a breeze considering HCG use.

If you do use a test stasis/taper in the future; I believe the standard 2 waiting weeks still apply prior to starting stasis since the goal is to have blood testosterone level drop to around 100mg. That doesn’t happen until two weeks after last injection of test e.

Your cycle is short and mild. You should have no problems recovering with the Nolvadex.

EDIT: Dynamo, your post was sufficient. I am just reiterating for the sake of the OP.