3 Weeks In Blood Work - First Cycle

I am following the basic bulk first cycle guide from the steroids subreddit.

So I’m doing test e 500mg per week. Injected e3.5d.

I messed around a bit with LGD 4033 a week before the cycle, then I got my hands on some var which I took for 12 days (40mg ed) to Kickstart the cycle, and then I took LGD 4033 again for another 7 days. Not the smartest move to mess around with that and it made me feel bad. Var wrecked my lipids and LGD crushed my SHGB. Now I will stick to test only for the rest of my cycle.

In week 3&4 I felt super lethargic, slept like 10-12 hours every day, and it felt like my joints were dry. High sex drive and no bloating. No gyno symptoms either.

What do you think about my blood work? Especially the lipids and estrogen.

I haven’t taken any AI or serms yet. Should I start it?

I got myself some supps and started doing a lot of cardio because of my lipid profile.

I got fish oil, citrus bergamot, psyllium husk, started eating a garlic clove a day, and cissus quadrangularis for the joints.

Note that I started TRT 4 months ago. The week before I started the cycle I injected 250mg test e to create a transition between my TRT dose and the cycle dose.

My bf% is quite high, I’d say 20-21% right now.

Another problem I have is cramps in the shin splints and lower back. Especially in the morning when I start to be active. It seems to improve though.

Total testosterone: 1500 ng/dl or 52 nmol/L

Free testosterone calculated: 58 ng/dL or 2.01 nmol/L

HDL: 28 mg/dl

LDL (elevated): 204 mg/dl

Estradiol: 429 pmol/L

SHGB: 5.85 nmol/L

Albumin: 44 g/L

So why are you blasting?

Is it actually 1500 or did you top out the standard <1500ng/dL range?


before I spend any time telling you exactly what you need to do, post a pic.


Post a pic of what?


It was 1501 to be exact

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what are the ref ranges?

Andrew I think you were right about the test being capped. I checked my results when I was on 100mg test E a week when I started TRT and my total test was about 600ng/dl.

So there is no way my total test can be only 1500 now. With a dose five times as high.

you are 2800-4k

would stand to reason your e2 is also proportionally higher.


I ask because I have had some outrageous total and free test, not lean, dont take a1 and e2 has never broke 300

before I ask you questions about e2 symptoms, where’s the pic?

Well, dose response isn’t linear…

BUT I believe you are correct that at 500mg/wk you should be significantly higher than 1500ng/dL.

Most labs I’ve seen have [<1500] or [>1500], I would bet yours are the <1500 values.

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This is where the assay tops out; your TT is much higher and FT can’t be calculated.

This sucks, frankly.

SHBG will take weeks to rebound from the orals, right now your e2 and fe2 are very high. For you that may not be great.

Your numbers are only going to go up for the next few weeks. I’d watch BP and fix your lipids


Your lab work will have a little > which means “greater than”


Thanks, you were right about that. I didn’t notice that before.

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I am watching my BP. What would high BP symptoms during a workout be?
I measured it yesterday at home and it was normal.

Any recommendations about the lipids? What to do about it?

No it does not say ultrasensitive. It just says estradiol by eclia.

I will upload a pic later today after work.

I remember when I started TRT I had slightly sensitive and itchy nipples for a few days.

But I haven’t had it since. Not even when I started blasting. I don’t feel bloated either. I do have some acne though and a bit of oily skin.

As a precaution I started taking an AI and Serm yesterday.

the ultra sensitive is for when you want to specifically measure E2. The non sensitive test captures some E1 and E3 as well, which is not useful for our purposes.

you should be getting E2 LC/MS/MS testing

may be better to base the decision on data from labs, or/even symptoms.

as a precaution may yield unintended consequences

privatemdlabs has ultra sens e2 and total test to 10k in a panel with other items for $70. code RHINO save 15%. I’d get that and find out where you are at.

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Thank you for telling me about the difference in E2 tests. I didn’t know about this. Neither did I know about the capped testosterone tests. I did the tests in Bangkok while I was on vacation. Seems like the clinic was not really specialized in doing such tests. When I said SHGB they all acted like they heard it for the first time. And called in other staff members to help out…

Unfortunately I’m not based in the states. I wish I had offers like that available here in Central Europe. Sounds like a good deal.

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Here are three pictures of my current physique.

First pic is 5 weeks ago pre cycle, but with some pump left in the muscles after the gym.

Pic 2&3 are today without any pump going.

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