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3 weeks in and no success and IM FRUSTRATED

Hey buddy, go to www.fitday.com and start a free account. You can chart every calorie you eat every day, and it’s really cool. Also, lay off the milk completely. I love milk, but it loves me, too and never wants to leave my body.

Try a bottle of T2 and MD6. You’ll drop some pounds, plateau, drop a few more, climb a little, then drop again. It happens in cycles. I went through the frustration of “nothing happening,” even on a 1000 calorie diet. It made no sense, but then a bunch of pounds fell off, stopped, came back, fell off again, and I keep creeping down the scale. fitday.com will save your ass and will encourage you when you think nothing is happening. Track every single calorie every single day, and you will win. I’m losing an average of three pounds per week, even though I’ve gone up to 9 days on 1000 calories per day and not dropped an ounce. The t2 and MD6 seem to provide a nice energy level that I like.

I need some opions on whether i should change my cardio routine or not to the way that scotty described, i know this is controversial, but hasnt that 70% fat burning zone been proven wrong or not totally true? any insight to this please?


bump anyone answer the cardio question?

Read “The Winning Formula” by Berardi in this weeks T-Mag issue. That should answer your ?

You guys i have been using the fitday for the past week and i love it and im recording everyhting, ive been using the winning formula approach, but i still havent lost anything and the thing that baffles me is that im only consuming on averga about 2700 calories when my overall calories burned is like 4800 each day according to fitday, but even with that big deficit i have lost a damn thing, with that type of defict i should lose something thats nealry a pound a day i should have lost, i know i know thats too much but it baffles me why i have lost it casue the math says i should my protein each day is roughly 1gram per pound of BW, my carbs has been on average, between 270-290(surge has ALOT of carbs), and my fat has been about in the 40’s each day, at 267 ,thats alot less calories than i should be consuming , according to Berardis winning formula II, my fat loss calories should be 3500, when i calculated it, so i cant understand why no weight has came off, I dont think im consuming too many carbs for my weight, i think im way below my maintenance for carbs, for my body weight and activity level, and my percentage of macronutrients have been pretty close to berardi’s recommendation, and i have been training as accoring to his winning formula, so why isnt anything coming off, this is sooo frustrating im about to give up cause its been 4 weeks and my weight has only changed one pound, since then, this is heel on earth, id be motivated if i showed at least a little weight loss, but this is hard when im showing no progress to keep up with my program at this rate, BTW im also taking MD6 and T2 pro for the past 3 weeks also with this dieting, please help and give me some insight to what i could be doing wrong…

Congratulations on using Fit-day.
About the fact you haven’t lost anything well the reality is you just really started. When you first posted you were doing a T-dawg variant and now you’ve switched to Winning Combo, which has about 3x the amount of carbs. You need to give your body a chance to stabilize.
My question to you is how were you eating before this? A meal here & there? Some days you’d get 5000kcal and others 500? If so then your body needs to be reassured that what you’re doing is for the long haul and once it understands that this influx of calories is the norm things should stabilize. This was my problem and it MIGHT be yours.
If you feel confident that you’ve eaten how you should and the weight isn’t coming off another option is maybe your losing the fat and replacing it with muscle…and if that’s not the case then simply reduce kcals about 250 a week till you start to notice a difference.

You could lose your senses and join NAAFA…

I agree with Frank, but there is one other point that I’d like to bring out…any data output that you may get from any software or program is only going to be as good as the information you are inputting. Are you UNDERestmating your portion sizes? Have you actually weighed the food? (Don’t tell me “you’re in school”; wrap it up and take it back to the Dorm or something…)

The point I’m making (and others have made) is that if you’re not progressing, and the numbers say you “should”, then you have to go over EVERYTHING you’re doing with a fine-toothed comb. A software program can’t do that.

i have been roughly eatin like thif for two weeks, i juts switched over to winning formula in terms of surge consumption and fat burning my diet really hasnt changed, it been on avergae the value that i gave u, which i hav ebeen eating all healthy foods, and i think all my macros except protein are below range, and i dont know about dropping my calories, cause im already about a little less than 1000 below my fat loss rate according to berardi`? isnt 2000 calories of fat burned roughly equal to a pound of fat, if so then the weight should be flying off of me, but then again it isnt, maybe berardi could help me one this one?please?..

A pound of fat is equal to 3500 cals. I also agree with Mufasa. If my diet isn’t working then I study it and find out why it isn’t working. If you are doing the sprinting intervals by Berardi then you should be losing weight. Also I think Berardi’s calorie calculations are just a starting point for most people. With his diets the calories are always too high for me. Have you ever had your thyroid checked out? Maybe that is your problem. I know when I get down to losing weight; I put in the effort and the pounds come off. Not saying you aren’t trying but something is wrong.

mufasa: i agree with you somewhat,. but look at it this way, if if i logged my portions off a little… my mistake isnt gonna amount to 1000 calorie deficit that i already have as it is…my fat loss intake should be 3500, im only consuming between 2500-2700, thats a pretty damn big mistake to makle dont ya think

What are you doing in the weight room? Are you keeping the intensity up there, if so then maybe the 20 minutes of cardio is hurting you. Your body may be holding on to the fat because of thre extra work you are doing. I would try lifting 3 days a week, and do the cardio on your off days. I’m no expert, but maybe the other guys could give some input. Also I would try packing your own food, cafeteria food is not all that nutritious. Do you live in a dorm? That can make it difficult, but not impossible.

I think your fat-loss intake should be more in the neighborhood of 2600 calories (BW X 10). BW X 16 -500 is just way too many calories for someone that needs to lose a lot of fat. You could very easily consume more than 2600 calories eating at a college cafeteria. If you eat 6 meals a day, the average meal should be around 450 calories. A fatty chicken sandwich or flank steak in a cafeteria will probably do it.

Pugs, no offense but it seems you want to hear the magic answer emerge from some external source. The reality that the figures Berardi put up are a “guide”. If they are not working for you then maybe you need less kcals. Crazy as it may sound you just might. I think it was Berardi in the printed edition of T-mag who stated some guys probably are able to digest and utilize closer to 100% of the kcals they ingest, therefore requiring less kcals. Maybe you might be one. On the other hand, you also need to quit guessing so much and become more analytical about the whole process. Why isn’t it working? Get back to the root and figure it out. It’s all trial & error and we hear can offer advice till our fingers fall off but if you don’t do an honest evaluation of what it is you’re doing it’s all a crap shoot especially if we offer advice but you come up with reasons/excuses why not. I would recommend you drop the milk and get your carbs from low GI foods and like Ko said drop the cardio, at least for now. The only major change is to buy your own food. Let me guess…impossible. Just do what you gotta do, find a way or make one. Heck you’ve got money for Surge…

i agree w/ ko. what you be doin in the heavy metal room? In my experience, an intense routine of weight training does ppl better than all the cardio in the world. keep the rest to a minimum, and do a variety of multi-joint movements. just an opinion, though. Maybe, im sorry guys, somethin similar to a circuit routine. keeping your heart rate up and getting the benefits of lifting. Im not sayin hit the girly machines in a row like all the soccer moms, but take a page from their philosophy. Nill rest, and major ball bustin. Maybe do some research on the metabolic price of anaerobic training. or something of the sort. it is actually pretty damn amazing what your body has to do to recover from anaerobic training. Good luck, my man. And dont get discouraged. It can and will happen.

well guys I geuss it just had to wait for it to kick in,i dont know if it was water weight or what but i dropped 5.5 pounds in the period of a few days FINALLY, not sure if its water weight or what , but that makes me happier after 4 weeks i finally lose something!!! im happy now, thank u all for your help, i love berardis winning combo 2 it helps drop weight alot!!! thanx for ur all’s support, and thanx for showing me to fitday.com they rock!!!


If you are using Berardi’s winning formula than the weight you dropped shouldn’t be water weight. YOU increased your carbs so if Anything you should have gained water weight. Good job and keep it up.

Uh fellas, i lied in my last post… i weighed myself tonigh and im back up to my original weight god damnnit!!!, it was with my shoes off after lifting and taking a crap… i never took inot account before my last post that i took a days worth of taraxatone and i lost water weight thats why i weighed less, but im back to my old self…fuck…Im out of ideas what it could be ive been lifting heavily and intensly for 45 mins 5 times a week using mostly compouds movements, doing mostly strength protocols when it comes to weight sets and reps…ive been following W. formula 2 to the tee, cardio 5 times a week, the only thing that i could think that could be stopping me from losing weight, is the fact that i take 1.5 scoops of surge while i lift, and i always do my cardio right after i lift… so in a sense id be using the surge for energy instead of fat calories, not to mention spiking my insulin for a few hours after drinking it and stopping my fat loss dead , cause fat lipolysis and insulin levels have an inverse relationship dont they? thats my though as to why I havent been losing anything, plus i dont wait an hour after i do my cardio to take the second batch of surge, which in a sense would do the same as I mentioned above when it comes to burning fat calories… my diet is in order, i doubt im gaining muscle just consuming 1 gram per pound of BW, which would make my weight stay roughly the same for a while… any ideas about what i should do or change? or what about the idea that i had about the surge does that mkes sense to you all…? having berardi look over this would help…if he read this…

thanx guys

If your diet is in order,then something else is wrong. YOU ARE OVER DOING IT. Lifting hard 5 days a week, and doing cardio on top of it??? With your calorie deficit, your body is holding on to the fat, and probably storing more. Your metabolism is probably creeping. Limit your workouts to 3-4 times a week and cardio on your off days, 20 minutes max. More is not better, KNOCK IT OFF.

If i was training too much and had too much of a deficit, wouldnt i get the symptoms of overtraining, ive had it before, and it is not fun fatigued all the time, tired all the time, but i have yet to expiereince that yet if anything switching over to 6 meals a day ive had tons more energy than before, and i havent felt the least bit fatigued yet, i think the surge has helped this considerably, cause my recovery is WAY up, but now that im out i have to stop taking it anymore,but do u all think my diet is in order im just exercising too much? do my daily carbs seem too much for u all they do to me, should i leave my diet alone and just exercise less and see what happens, do u all think my diet is in order enough to say that my diet isnt causing this weight loss problem? if so then ill cut back on the exercise a little…