3 Week Test E Cycle

I have a bit of a predicament I was hoping you could help me with. Before I get flamed for proposing such a short cycle, please allow me to explain. I am currently living in Singapore and will be moving back to the US in 6 weeks. I have 6 ampules of test enanthate (250 mg) left over from a previous cycle. I also have adex and nolva on hand.

I don’t have time to get any more test, and to be honest, I wouldn’t have the slightest clue of how to find it once I get back to the US. So this will be my last “cycle” for quite some time.

My question to everyone is, will it be a complete waste of time to even use the test I have left? I suppose it couldn’t hurt, but I know I won’t see any real gains either.

How would you recommend I handle my PCT for such a short cycle? Would I stick to the usual nolva PCT routine, or would you recommend something shorter?

Thank you in advance to anyone that chooses to answer. I realize it is probably a stupid question.

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