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3 Week No Weights

It is going to be hard for me to make it to the gym the next three to four weeks.

I was thinking about training with mainly bodyweight exercises and my kettlebell.

I was also checking out a few of the articles by the Renegade and trying to put something together with the equipment I have.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Actually I couldn’t make it to the gym today, but still got a nice workout just doing variations of the pushup with a book-filled backpack. I recommend using a bench or something of similar height to do incline and decline pushups, then finishing off your triceps with close grip pushups.

“Combat Coditioning” is an article in past issues that deals primarily with body weight exercises. I’ve yet to use a kettebel, but you could just go nuts with snatches, swings, any of the Ab movements from Coach Davies’ latest article, turkish get-ups. Throw in some push-ups, handstand push-ups, one legged squats (pistols) and you have a complete assorment of movements to hold you over for 3 weeks. Not to mention all of the unweighted GPP movements you can warm-up with and use for recovery on off days.

Work on your foundation training. The change will do you good.

Hey with the kbell and maybe a few objects you can do tremendously. What other equipment do you have? In faith, Coach Davies

Right now the only equipment I have is my kbell and jump rope that is about it.
Last couple of workouts I have been using some of the exercises from the Renegade articles and combat conditioning article.

Last night threw in some of the exercises from the real abs article that was tough.

How many days a week would you recommend this type of training. I also wanted to run or do some rope training 1 or 2 days a week.
Thanks for the responses

M,W,F - kettebel and body weight exercises

T,Th - unweighted GPP movements and rope jumping

As for what exercises to do, I would just do a full body routine each day with a variety of different movements. Make sure to warm up on the lifting days with GPP movements or rope skipping.

All you need is a Heart and a Will to Renegade Train. Very few mainstream gyms are worthy of a Renegade’s presence.