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3 Week Leg Cure Experiment


Alright so I'm gonna run Joe Defranco's 3 Week Leg Cure program found here: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/my_greatest_gains_ever_joe_defranco

I'm doing it kind of as preparation for his new program, Built 2 Last coming out on the 16th.

I didn't post this in the training logs because its only a 3 week program and I think it is awesome for beginners like myself.

The only "supplements" I'll be taking these 3 weeks is 1/8tsp. of Himalayan Sea Salt from Onnit, twice a day. That's it.

Also the only other "training" I'll be doing these 3 weeks is Joe D's Limber 11 for mobility and his Upper Back specialization program (only one movement a day).


[quote]JCBaseball365 wrote:
The only “supplements” I’ll be taking these 3 weeks is 1/8tsp. of Himalayan Sea Salt from Onnit, twice a day.[/quote]
That’s salt. Healthy natural salt, but it’s salt. It’s as close to a supplement as beef jerky is and really doesn’t deserve to be mentioned.

I’m not familiar with DeFranco’s upper back specialization, but it doesn’t make sense to do two “specialization” plans at the same time.

You’re really going to spend the next 3 weeks doing one leg workout per week and one upper back movement per day? So, basically one workout per week?

I’m all for experimenting, but you should be sure to approach it as smart as possible. In any case, make sure you do all you can to recover and track your before and after stats (size and strength).


I’d question why a self-confessed beginner would need a specialisation program? Or in this case two specialisaton programs?


Has anyone reviewed built to last?