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3 Week Cycle, Test Prop/Anavar

Hello everyone
Greetings from India.
Before we begin, please don’t judge and give condensending replies…
So I woke up one fine day and got back to training, feel very good . Have already dropped 17 kilos in 16 weeks, and am definitely stronger than earlier,
I am planning to do a very short cycle. My last cycle was in 2012 which was 12 weeks of test, tren and stana in last 4 weeks
I’m now 32 years old with 14+ years lifting behind me!

I plan on doing a 3 week cycle consisting of test prop 100 mg on alternate days shot in my glutes with 50 mg of anavar daily (10 at 7 am, 20 at 3 pm, and 20 at 11pm)
All I’m planning to gain out of this cycle is to get a little hard , not lose bodyweight but hopefully drop around 2-3 percent bf… And most of all not get noticed, because people are misinformed and ignorant! And I work and people at work are Even more misinformed and ignorant and they judge :roll_eyes:
My question is do I need to take any a.i. ? Maybe arimidex at .5 on alternate days,
And my planned Pct (with which I need the most advise) is 5000 i.u. hcg 3 days after last prop shot and 20 mg nolvadex every day for 30 days … After that continue with Indian herbs of ashwagandha(withania something) and gokshura(tribulus) @1000mg every day which I usually take anyway
95 kgs, 5’8" , 18ish%


So basicly you are going to do 400mg/wk of T prop for 3 weeks?
I have no experience with T prop but I do with T cyp and I feel nothing in 3 week at 400mg/wk
At the end of week 4 I get a small bump in strength and my recovery seem to start to get better.
Things do’t really start happening for me until around week 6. YMMV

IMO I think you will be shutting yourself down for little to no gains. 10 weeks minimum.
Are you the guy with hair or without in your avatar?

The only thing your gonna accomplish in 3 weejsbis shutting your nuts down.

I would run it 12 weeks and use the anavar the last 4-6 weeks.

Wether you need an AI is something only you will be able to know. I wouldn’t on that test dose but i know some who would. But even if yku do 0.5 EOD is probably too much. Start at 0.25 E3D and go up if needed

No comment on the hcg. I wouldn’t use it personally for certain reasons but thats just me.

Pct: nolva 40/40/20/20 altho 20/20/20/20 like you have planned will probably work just fine

I agree with zeek. I do not run an AI with 300-400mg/wk of T cyp. I do like 800iu/wk of HCG it keeps my balls from aching. I have no interest in fertility.
I am on TRT (no PCT for me) so I do start taking my AI when I stop the blast lvl injections since my T drops much faster than my E2. I need to get my E2 down to TRT lvls asap.

With hair…

Everyone knows a longer cycle will give better results, duh!

Whatever y’all are saying about extending the cycle is definitely true, but if I manage to put on even 2 kg muscle and lose some fat along the way that is equivalent to maybe 4 month progress for an experienced lifter training naturally.
Ultimately it should all be goal dependent, Don’t you think!?

You can run a shorter cycle but 3 weeks is simply not enough. Everybody already elaborated on that. No, I don’t believe your goal will be met.

Sure but in 3 weeks your not gonna put on any muscle. The only thing that might happen in 3 weeks besides shut down is increased libido

So, let’s see
We either win, or we learn.
One should try everything,right!
Coz it’s a long road… And there are so many theories about short cycles bringing very good and sustainable results, less sides and quicker recovery of hpta!
And honestly Bros, I don’t have a time longer than 3 weeks presently
And since I’m planning ( well, it’s India, so my mom is planning to find a girl for me to marry soon🤓) quicker hpta recovery is of utmost importance

Ok so 3 weeks is the final answer.

If i had no option but to do a 3 week cycle (actually I just wouldn’t do it but let’s say I would) then I would blast the hell out of it.

100mg prop every day and 100mg anavar a day or better yet if you could get winstrol 50 mg a day of winstrol.

Thats a strong 3 week cycle. Especially if you can find winstrol. Winstrol can give great results in 3 weeks as far as dropping water weight and increasing strength.

Even this strong 3 week blast you won’t keep or gain much if anything


Short cycles can be very effective at giving reasonable gains if the doses used are high enough.

Bill roberts was an advocate of 2 week cycles, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off done 3 times then some time off. For you, HPTA shutdown is not an issue so you could utilise short cycles very well.

For a 2 week cycle, I would stick to my TRT dose of test and add on Tren Ace and an oral, maybe Var or Tbol or NPP instead of the Tren (if your body handles Nandrolone well). 2 weeks is enough to see the small gains you want if your diet is on point.


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Infact, I got this idea after reading bill roberts’ article

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Hi, so I will complete my short cycle today. I’m up 3 kgs, with vascularity in my calves, near my knees and in the forearm area.
I frontloaded with sustanon 250 on 31 March and although initial plan was test prop every alternate day plus 40 mg stana every day, but after the first week I had to cut down on stana to 20 mg per day due to very dark coloured urine and prop to once every 4th day due to the extreme debilitating pain which interfered with my daily life.
So, my last prop shot was on 20th April …
Is it fine to start my pct from 24th April?

Also, test prop I got off an UGL, but my stana and sustanon were pharma grade so no doubt about their quality.
Do I need to do anything about water retention, or will it come off by itself?