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3 Week Cycle Log

Before people jump all over me about not making much gains on short cycles, my goal is not to bulk up massively in one cycle. I am instead looking to gain and keep a few solid pounds each time, repeating short 2-3 week cycles several times with 3-6 weeks in between each time. A sudden massive gain would raise questions I don’t need, and besides I like the philosophy of the repeated short cycles better. For anything else including my stats and background, check the link above.

Instead of rewriting my background stuff and the previous cycle I did a few weeks ago, follow the link above if you want to look at it.

Basically, I am testing out the short cycle thing. The last two weeks of October, I started up the 10,000 KB Swing workout. My 4 lifts were military press (125#), weighted pullups (80#), front squats (275#), and weighted dips (100#). After two weeks, I was noticeably leaner but didn’t really drop any pounds on the scale. I started it at 204, and after two weeks was 206. This is also when I stopped, since I got bored with it. I’ve never been real big on cardio, so doing it 5 days a week got old really fast. However, I had to do the PRT in the middle of the second week, and ran a 9:30 1.5 mile. This is good for me, especially considering I barely run at all any more and when I do, it is typically sprints.

Coming off those 2 weeks, I started a short run of tbol (40mg/day) by itself (I know, oral only cycles suck, yada yada). This was more a chance to get my feet wet again, since I hadn’t done a cycle in over ten years. And I was experimenting a little, just to try it out. Didn’t take an AI with it, and saw no bloat or other sides. Planned on two weeks, but I was just starting to feel it at that point so I stretched to 3. The first week off, I took 20mg/day Nolvadex just as a precaution but really don’t feel I needed it. The first day of ‘PCT’ I was 213 and dropped to 210 by the end of the week. This is no biggie, since my weight fluctuates a lot in this range anyway.

I only took 2 weeks off, but I don’t feel that is a big deal since the tbol was so mild. I then ran a two week cycle of cut stack (50mg each tren ace, test prop, and mast prop). Injected everyday, 1ml each day for 12 days. Started at 207.5 and got up to 216. I skipped the AI again since tren doesn’t aromatize and I expected the mast to take care of the test, but I’m not sure I did. Got some sides off that- lowered libido, weakened erections, trouble finishing. My wife knew I was on, so she knew what to expect. We both thought it was a little funny, though also frustrating. The last 4-5 days of the cycle I thought I was getting a little bloat, so I took 1mg/day arimidex days 10-15, then started PCT with nolva 40/20.

I’ve now been off 4 weeks. This week was a deload (I follow Beyond 531), but instead of doing all the lifts, I did swings all week since I liked the conditioning effect and fat loss from it. I’ve also developed a bit of what I think is bicep tendonitis, so I wanted to take it a little easier this week and rehab that a bit. Did weighted pullups at 80# one day and front squats at 275# another. Five days of swings (including the two with lifts mixed in) and I did a total of 2700 swings with a 50# kb. I am currently on travel, at about 4000 feet elevation so that effected my lifting/swinging a little. I also don’t have a scale in my room, so I have to weigh at the gym after drinking a shake and wearing clothes. I was 213 today clothed with only some water and the start of my BCAA mix before weighing, so probably 210-211.

Tomorrow (day 0, day 1 being monday the first lifting day of the week), I am going to start another cycle, adding in a couple more compounds.

Day 0-21 - winstrol 60mg/ED
Day 0-21 - turinabol 60mg/ED
Day 8-19 - cut stack 1ml/ED (50mg tren ace/50mg test prop/50mg mast prop per ml)
Day 8-28 - P5P 200mg/ED, Vit E 400mg/ED, SAMe 1200mg/ED (prolactin control)
Day 8-21 - Arimidex 0.5mg/ED (frontload 1mg day 8)
Day 22-28 - nolvadex 40mg/ED (first week off)
Day 29-42 - nolvadex 20mg/ED (second and third weeks off)

Again, goals are not a massive increase in weight, but rather some good quality muscle gain while losing some fat. I am happy with the dosages for the cycle itself, but any notes on PCT would be appreciated. I’ve read some stuff about not using tren and nolvadex together, but from what I can find that is mainly concerned with running them concurrently, not using nolva as PCT when tren levels should have dropped pretty well. And nolva is what I have, so that is what I am running. Last time I felt like I struggled a little during PCT (not in the gym but in the bedroom), but I chalk a lot of that up to not using an AI. I’ll see what happens this time.

I plan on updating this log to show my results from repeated cycles. The few threads I can find about short cycles always say they will and then don’t, leaving people such as myself with unanswered questions. I may actually run this as a training log kind of thing, in order to illustrate my lifting in between cycles as well (note: my 531 numbers continue to climb even off cycle, and I actually set another deadlift PR <450#> on my 3rd off week).

Also, I took measurements last week before doing the week of swings. I will do that again tomorrow (off day) and go weigh myself at the gym in order to have a measurable starting point. I also plan on doing this at the end (at the minimum, if not each weekend).

12 January 2014
Day 0
HRV - 75, Green
Started 60mg each winstrol and turinabol

Walked over to the gym before eating anything, stripped down and weighed in at 211. Also took measurements and a couple skinfold pinches. This gives me a follow-up to the ones I did before the week of swings, as well as a baseline before this shorty.

05 January
No weight (weighed 214.5 clothed and after pre-workout shake on 09 January)
Waist- 36 Upper Arm (flexed, cold)- 16 3/4
Chest- 42 3/4 Forearm (flexed, cold)- 13 1/2
Neck- 17 1/2 Calf- 15 1/2
Mid Thigh- 24 3/4
Pinch- VMO- 4
Umbilical- 6
Iliac- 10

12 January
211 (nude, overnight fasted)
Waist- 35 1/2 Upper Arm (flexed, cold)- 16 3/4
Chest- 43 1/4 Forearm (flexed, cold)- 13 1/4
Neck- 17 1/4 Calf- 15 1/2
Mid Thigh- 25
Pinch- VMO- 2
Umbilical- 4
Iliac- 7

So some loss, some gain in measurements. (Note: measurements are in inches, pinches are in mm)

NOTE: Last short cycle, I stopped measuring my HRV because the numbers went downhill very rapidly. This time, I am continuing with measurements to see exactly what it says.

** I am following Beyond 531, and am starting the 3 week cycle today. I am also doing (attempting) a 21-day front squat program. I have done the 14-day version before but am extending it this time since I will have ‘assistance’. Program: take your 1RM (I am using my training max instead), and cut it in half.

This is your starting weight for day 1. Reps are 5 x 5, and each day you add 5 pounds. So I am starting at 165, and if I make it all the way through I will add a total of 100 pounds over the course of it. Going to be brutal. **

Beyond 531
3 x 5 Week
13 January 2014
HRV - 74, Green

Exercise - warmup weights/sets; working weights/sets; joker sets; rest-pause.
1A. Weighted Pullup - BW x 10, 45 x 5, 57.5 x 5, 70 x 3; 75 x 5, 85 x 5, 95 x 5; 105 x 1, 110 x 1; 75 x 6-3-2.
1B. Military Press - 65 x 10, 80 x 5, 95 x 3; 100 x 5, 115 x 5, 130 x 5; 140 x 1, 145 x 1; 100 x 10-4-2.
Front Squat - 165 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;
2A. Neutral Grip Pullup - BW x 10, 10, 10, 10;
2B. Lateral Raise - 35 x 8, 8, 8, 8;
Tabata Swing - 70# - 4:00

First day on full dose. Dose yesterday was a little low - winny is 20mg per tablet, and I was thinking the same for tbol, but they are only 10mg. So yesterday was 30mg, today I went full dose at 60mg.

Took cold medicine last night before bed, and was completely dragging ass this morning in the gym. Should have downed a cup of coffee but forgot. The 1A/1B part usually takes me about 30 minutes, but today it took 50. I did stop to take a dump in the middle (no choice, I was in full clench mode when I finally broke down), but that doesn’t account for all of it.

Finished with tabata KB swings with a 70# bell. I started doing this on upper body days a few weeks back, just for some extra conditioning work.

14 January 2014
HRV - 67, Yellow

Squat- 190 x 5, 235 x 5, 285 x 3 / 310 x 5, 355 x 5, 405 x 6 / 425 x 1, 455 x 1 / 315 x 10;
Snatch Grip High Pull from Pulls - 170 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;
Front Squat - 170 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;
A. Reverse Crunch - 12#MB x 15, 13, 13;
B. GHR - BW x 5, 6, 8;

Had to get up early for a brief work thing, then went to the gym a little later in the morning. Felt great in the gym, though it may have been the coffee. I had a cup when I first got up, then another (more like 2/3 of a cup) a couple hours later before hitting the gym. Got everything done in just under an hour, which is more like it. My workouts usually take about an hour (give or take), but when I was on the tbol a couple months ago I was finishing those same ‘60 minute’ workouts in 40-50. I managed to keep that aggression for a while, but lost it a little during the cut stack cycle - felt a little lethargic on it, which is why I wanted to add the tbol in this time: to try and counteract that.

Had some older dude at the gym come over and compliment the 455 single. He asked what type of training I do, so I wrote down 531 and Jim Wendler so he would know where to look. Funny, I get that kind of stuff quite a bit out here.

HRV - Got a yellow, already going downhill. I don’t recall my numbers going south on tbol, so I think this is due to work and medication for sinuses.

15 January 2014
HRV - 55, Red

Front Squat - 135 x 10, 175 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;

Work started a little earlier today than the last few, so I only had time to do the front squats. Wednesday is normally an off/conditioning day anyway, but I would have liked to have gotten some swings in or something.

Legs always feel stiffer when I do front squats on a day other than following squats. Even after deadlifts, it takes a couple sets before I hit my groove. After squatting though, I can almost jump right in (I still do warm up sets just out of principle). I was in the gym for less than 15 minutes, including mobility work. At least it is within walking distance of my room.

HRV- Got a red this morning. I have issues with my sinuses out here most of the time, and it is kicking in. I have been taking stuff at night so I can breathe and sleep, and I think that is affecting the measurement.

16 January 2014
HRV - 62, Red *Higher score, but still red

1A. Cobra - 40 x 10, 10, 45 x 10; Motorcycle Row - 150 x 10, 160 x 10, 170 x 10;
1B. Bench - 135 x 10, 165 x 5, 200 x 3 / 215 x 5, 245 x 5, 280 x 5 / 295 x 1, 315 x 1 / 215 x 10-6-3;
Front Squat - 135 x 8, 8, 180 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;
2A. 1 Hand Cable Row - 90 x 10, 100 x 10, 10;
2B. Incline DB Bench - 60 x 10, 10, 10;

Dragging ass again today, in spite of some coffee. Shoulder is bothering me still, so I probably should have skipped the joker sets. Did them anyway, and felt a bit sore afterward and then ached the rest of the day. Still tried to get in some decent work, but skipped the Tabata since I am on my second red HRV score in a row. Hopefully that works itself out soon.

Last night I started doing the math in my head, and after doing three weeks at 60mg I won’t have enough winstrol left to do another cycle with. I do, however, have enough to bump the dose up to 100mg for most of the 21 days with a few at 80mg. So that is what I am doing, started today.

17 January 2014
HRV - 59, Red

Snatch Grip Hang Pull - 160 x 3, 3, 3, 3, 3;
Deadlift - 175 x 5, 220 x 5, 265 x 3 / 285 x 5, 330 x 5, 375 x 6 / 395 x 1, 420 x 1 / 285 x 10;
Front Squat - 135 x 8, 8, 185 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;

Felt a little better in the gym today, in spite of the red measure. Lower body seems to work better this week for some reason. Planned on hitting some direct arm training at the end of this, but got called into work earlier than originally planned. Thought about hitting it tomorrow, but probably best to avoid that and let the bicep tendon rest a little more. So just some conditioning tomorrow, front squats and maybe some abs.

18 January 2014
HRV - 64, Green

Front Squat - 135 x 10, 160 x 5, 190 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;
KB Swing - 53# - 120 / 60-60 / 60 = 300 Total Time: 12:20 (Stopped early due to painful back pumps)
Elliptical - 20:00 Approx. 10:00 of random intervals (20/40 and 30/30)

Didn’t do much today, it was basically just front squats and swings. Planned on doing 600, but the back pumps were horrendous in spite of 4g taurine. So I did 20:00 of elliptical just so I didn’t feel like I didn’t do anything (not much, but whatever).

19 January 2014
HRV - 72, Green

Front Squat - 135 x 10, 165 x 6, 195 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;

Slept in because I went to bed late after going to the rodeo. Gym doesn’t open till 10, so I took my orals around 7 and dozed back off till 9. Got up, drank a scoop of protein and then did my measurements. Weight only went up half a pound, so 211.8 after a week. I feel like I leaned out some, but my skinfold pinches actually went up a little. Had few beers at the rodeo last night, so that probably had something to do with it.

Weight- 211.8
Waist- 34 7/8
Chest- 43 1/2
Neck- 17 1/2
Mid Thigh- 25 1/4
Upper Arm- 16 5/8
Forearm- 13 1/8
Calf- 15 3/4
VMO- 4
Umbilical- 5
Iliac- 6

So waist is down 1 1/8 so far, chest is up 3/4, mid thigh is up 1/2, and the rest are basically unchanged. VMO went up for some reason, umbilical went up a little, and iliac is down more. So overall improvement again, though body comp shift instead of weight gain. Did first injection today, so weight will probably start to go up soon. I’ll post today’s pic later.

20 January 2014

So, Sunday night I went to bed with a queasy stomach and ended up getting back up within an hour to evacuate from both ends. Chills, sweats, headache and repeated nausea and vomiting (as well as diarrhea) continued through part of the night. Obviously Monday was a wash as far as lifting, though I was able to hold food down by morning so I continued with my injections and oral dosing. After getting so sick, any food or liquids seemed to just sit in my stomach for quite a while, like nothing was moving.

In trying to figure out what it was, I looked back at what I had eaten figuring it was merely dietary. I made chicken soup using homemade stock two weeks ago, and had extra stock. So this sat in the fridge for two weeks, then I started another batch of soup using this leftover stock. I ate this soup for dinner Sunday night, and naturally figured the stock had gone bad in the fridge and that was the root of my problems.

Fast forward to today (Wednesday, 22 January), and I find out there is some kind of stomach bug going around. I had already dumped what was left of the soup, but better safe than sorry.

21 January 2014
HRV - 62, Green (somehow)
Weight - 213 (clothed)

1A. Weighted Pullup - bodyweight x 10, 45 x 5, 55 x 5, 70 x 3 / 80 x 3, 90 x 3, 105 x 4 / 110 x 1, 115 x 1 / 80 x 5-3-1;
1B. Military Press - (nothing with BW set) 65 x 10, 80 x 5, 95 x 3 / 110 x 3, 125 x 3, 140 x 4 / 145 x 1, 155 x 1 / 110 x 10-3-2;
Front Squat - 135 x 8, 165 x 5, 200 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;
2A. Neutral Grip Pullup - BW x 8, 8, 8;
2B. Lateral Raise - 30 x 8, 8, 8;

I was feeling better today, so I got up and headed for the gym. After drinking my pre-workout shake (no stims, just carbs and protein), then drinking BCAA mix at the gym and then drinking my post-workout shake, I felt ridiculously bloated. All the liquid just seemed to be sitting in my stomach, as if the drain were stopped up. Felt pretty decent for most of my lifting, but did cut down to three instead of four sets on the final portion. I also lowered the weight and reps on those super-sets. Felt pretty exhausted after that session, but at least I still got to go work all day afterward.

I weighed myself clothed at the gym, and came in at 213 clothed. Surprisingly, I only dropped a couple pounds during the bug, considering I weighed in at 211 nude and (mostly) fasted on Sunday. (Mostly fasted meaning I drank a single scoop of protein a couple hours before going to the gym)

22 January 2014
HRV - Didn’t measure

Squat - 190 x 5, 235 x 5, 285 x 3 / 330 x 3, 380 x 3, 425 x 4 / 450 x 1;
Snatch-Grip High Pull from Pins - 175 x 3, 3, 3, 3, X;
Front Squat - 135 x 8, 175 x 5, 205 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;

Had to teach classes earlier than normal today, so I had to squeeze the gym in between that and going out to the range. I pounded through my routine pretty quick, feeling really good. I was short on time, so I cut out my second Joker set (475 x 1) and the First Rep Last drop set at the end (330 x AMRAP). High pulls were next, though I only did 4 sets of 3 instead of my normal 5. Then front squats, doing my 5 x 5 with under a minute of rest between in some cases (by necessity, I normally try to go at least a minute or so). I thought I was running behind at this point, so I completely dropped any ab work as well as the glute-ham raise. I got all of this done in right at 30 minutes, and then found out shortly after that I could have stayed about another 10 minutes or so. Oh well, still got some good solid work done.

23 January 2014
HRV - Didn’t measure; supposed to be done first thing upon waking, before getting out of bed. I keep forgetting.
Weight - I meant to weight myself today, but forgot until I was almost done. I’ll try and remember to do it tomorrow.

1A. Band Pull Apart - 20, 20; Motorcycle Row - 160 x 10, 170 x 10, 180 x 8, 8, (skipped two sets), 170 x 10(before rest-pause bench);
1B. Bench - 135 x 10, 165 x 5, 200 x 3 / 235 x 3, 270 x 3, 300 x 3 / 320 x 1, 335 x 1 / 235 x 9-3-2;
Front Squat - 135 x 8, 8, 210 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;
2A. 1 Arm Cable Row - 100 x 10, 110 x 10, 10;
2B. Incline DB Bench - 60 x 10, 10, 10;

Felt pretty good this morning. 300 x 3 felt like crap though, so I wasn’t going to do 335 (didn’t think I would get it). Then I had a friend spot me on 320 x 1 (he was just there to make sure I didn’t get stapled) and it went up pretty easy, so I went ahead and went for 335 x 1. It was a slow grinder (actually stopped in the middle), but I got it with no assistance and my ass still on the bench. Felt it in my shoulder a little, but nothing serious. Punched through the rest, and got out of there.

Odd story: so a couple weeks ago I started feeling what I think is bicep tendonitis. Kind of odd though, because it would get sore when I was just sitting around the house or whatever, but I could lift completely pain free (OH press, bench, squat, whatever). But just to be safe, during my deload week I started taking turmeric and bioperine 2x/day, and avoided benching, dips, OH pressing to let it rest, as well as doing YTLs and external rotations to make sure the cuff was good. At some point, I bought some cissus extract (have used this before and it worked great) and took it as well. After the deload week, I went back to lifting, but now it began to hurt when I was lifting. So, rest and stretching made it worse, go figure. I pushed through it for a week (last week, when it was orals only), and then it occurred to me that it wasn’t bothering me before I started taking the anti-inflammatories (turmeric and cissus). So I stopped both of those, and it got better almost overnight. Still gets a little tight when I’m sitting around, and I feel a slight twinge at the beginning of a lifting session when doing certain upper body moves, but not as bad as it was. So I’m at a loss, and just going with it. Can’t say why anti-inflamm’s would make it worse (unless there is some odd reaction between cissus and turmeric I am unaware of), but it’s better without them so I am not taking them. Also, the winstrol hasn’t brought up any new joint issues and doesn’t seem to have made the shoulder worse. Fish oil may be helping that, or maybe because I’m only a week and a half in.

Also, started selegiline today at 2.5mg EOD. Figure I’ll try that out for a bit, and go to ED if needed.

24 January 2014
HRV - 57, Yellow (HRV scores tank when I’m on, apparently)
Weight (clothed, after pre-workout) - 217.5

Snatch Grip Hang Pull - 165 x 3, 3, 3, 3, 3;
Deadlift - 175 x 5, 225 x 5, 265 x 3 / 315 x 3, 350 x 3, 395 x 4 / 420 x 1, 440 x 1 / 315 x 8;
Front Squat - 135 x 8, 185 x 5, 215 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;

Decent day in the gym, moved some good numbers. Wanted to get some arm work done as well but ran out of time. I did try dips for the first time since taking time off to ‘fix’ my shoulder - nope, can’t do those now. I can feel slight tendon pain (discomfort?) wrapping over the front of the deltoid and down into my arm each time I go down (this was an unweighted test). So no dips, guess I’ll try close grip bench tomorrow morning. Not sure what is making the difference, but I am not experiencing any issues with my wedding tackle. Last time I had trouble maintaining, and would sometimes basically lose sensation during the act. I could feel it still, it just would suddenly stop feeling so good. I was also having trouble finishing due to this. Had a little of that this time, but nothing like I was last time. About halfway through the injectable portion, so we’ll see what happens downstairs.

Everything else seems great, but I’m not feeling the aggression from the tbol I got when I used it by itself - I guess you would call it aggression, basically the ability to just crank through a training session with shorter than normal rest intervals because you feel ready to hit it almost constantly. I only used 40mg/day then, versus 60mg/day now. Almost two weeks in on the orals, so should be noticing that if it is going to be there. I stretched the tbol-only to three weeks because I didn’t see any real weight gain in two, but that wasn’t really my goal this time. Have only seen a couple pounds this time, but I had the bout with the stomach at the beginning of this week.

I know tbol is still suppressive, but I did three weeks of tbol only with no AI (no issues) and barely any PCT (20mg Nolva for 5 days) so I would guess (and have read here) that it is mildly suppressive. Had no issues, and what benefits I did get from the tbol (the increased aggression mentioned above) stuck around for a while. Thinking about lowering the tbol dose as this short cycle ends and staying on it as a bridge into the next one, but I obviously don’t want to screw up my recovery or delay it unnecessarily. Thoughts? Expert advice?

A nice detailed log. You seem to be getting what you wanted out of a short run. Recover…don’t bridge shorties. I’d rather see a more aggressive approach in cycle schedules (3 on 2 off for a time) than a bridge. Bridges dont belong in short cycle theory…get on, get the gains you want, get off, recover, repeat.

juice- That’s kind of what I was thinking - while the tbol is only mildly suppressive, the other stuff is obviously more so and I would rather recover fully than delay the inevitable. I’ve got a bit of tbol sitting around the house, I might count up what I’ve got and maybe do a longer (4-6 weeks) cycle of that alone in the future.

25 January 2014
HRV - 59, Green

Front Squat - 135 x 8, 185 x 5, 220 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;
A. Close Grip Bench - 135 x 8, 185 x 8, 8, 205 x 4, 215 x 4;
B. Screw Curl - 40 x 8, 45 x 8, 8, 55 x 4, 4;

Wanted to get more done today, but gym didn’t open till 10 and I had to be at work at 1040 (was late as it was). Got a decent pump on the arms, but wanted a little more volume and actual weight. At least I got the front squats in.

531 Week (3rd week on)

26 January 2014
HRV - Forgot to measure
Weight - 214 - gaining a little slower this time than previous. The food poisoning definitely didn’t help with that, but with my schedule I know I haven’t been getting the calories in. Going to try and increase those for the final week.

Front Squat - 135 x 8, 8, 185 x 5, 225 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;
Reverse Crunch - 12# med ball x 15, 15, 15;

Nothing really to write about. Went in just to do front squats, and decided to throw in the reverse crunches - haven’t done much ab work in a while.

27 January 2014
HRV - Forgot to measure

1A. Pullup - BW x 10, 45 x 5, 55 x 5, 70 x 3 / 85 x 5, 95 x 3, 110 x 2 / 115 x 1, 120 x 1 / 85 x 5-2-1;
1B. Military Press - X, 65 x 10, 80 x 5, 95 x 3 / 115 x 5, 130 x 3, 145 x 3 / 155 x 1, 160 x 1 / 115 x 8-4-2;
Front Squat - 135 x 8, 185 x 5, 230 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;
2A. Neutral Grip Pullup - BW x 10, 10; 1 Arm Pulldown - 90 x 8, 100 x 8;
2B. Lateral Raise - 30 x 8, 8, 8, 8;

Solid day in the gym today. I set two new PRs, 120 x 1 for weighted pullups and 160 x 1 for military press. Having said that, I might have gotten 160 or higher in military press years ago, but I’d have to dig through log books. I know for a fact I’ve never gotten 120 for pullups before. The highest I have gotten before was 115, and that was on deployment a couple years ago.

28 January 2014
HRV - 57, Green - So I’m apparently recovered, but my score continues to slide. Not really doing any conditioning, but I’ve never seen my HRV drop this badly when off cycle. My HR first thing in the morning (as measured by the Bioforce HRV) is in the low 70s. That is also unheard of for me.
Weight - 219.7 clothed

1A. Squat - 190 x 5, 235 x 5, 285 x 3 / 355 x 5, 405 x 3, 450 x 2 / 475 x 1, 500 x 1*PR / 355 x 10;
1B. Box Jump - 38" x 3, 3, 3, 3; (supersetted after first four squat sets, stopped once I put on the belt)
Snatch Grip High Pull from Pins (just below knees) - 180 x 3, 3, 3, 3, 3;
Front Squat - 135 x 8, 185 x 5, 235 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5;
Ab Wheel - 10, 10, 10;

Felt really good today, and even better once I finished squatting. Working my way up through my sets, I wasn’t sure. I got to 450 and cranked out two solid reps that were pretty quick, and I knew 500 was going down (err, up, I mean). Took a brief rest before hitting 475, and that one was nice and quick out of the hole, felt really good. Picked a good song, went through my heavy ritual, and made 500 my bitch. Slowed down and almost stalled about halfway up, but I got it. THAT is a personal best squat for me, EVER. I’ve hit 495 a couple times, once a few years ago after a Smolov intro cycle, and this past September (but I’m pretty sure I was a little high at the bottom). This one felt good and solid all the way through. Took a few seconds, and then did a drop set for 10 with 355 (First Set Last).

Went into high pulls, and those just seem to be getting lighter. Not sure why, but even though I am adding 5 pounds every week, the bar just seems to fly off the pins (even when I am off). Followed that with front squats, and the fatigue really started kicking in. I forgot to take my taurine before heading out this morning, so my lower back was cramping something awful. If I didn’t know what back pumps were, I would have thought I did some damage. Tried rolling it out, and then went in the back room to hit a little ab work and some GHR. Got the GHR set up, and tried it out. One rep, and I knew this was not a good idea. Back was already tight beyond belief, so I cut out those and just did the ab wheel rollouts. I really don’t do much for direct ab work, mainly reverse crunches (a la Eric Cressey) and ab wheels.

So today was a great day for me, broke my all time record. Great thing about 531 is in a few weeks I should break it again.

And for those who say pics/video or it didn’t happen, here’s 475.