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3 Week Blitzs and the Like...

For those who remember - over 24 probably - there used to be manty different cycle patterns; Diamonds, reverse diamonds, 3 week blitzs… i cant remember much else.

So this was a 3 week blitz.

week1: Test Enanthate
week2: Test Enanthate
week3: Test Enanthate
week4: Test Enanthate+Nandrolone Deca
Week5: Nandrolone Deca
Week6: Nandrolone Deca
week7: Nandrolone Deca
week8: Nandrolone Deca+Primobolan Enanthate
week9: Primobolan Enanthate
week10:Primobolan Enanthate
week11:Primobolan Enanthate
week12:Primobolan Enanthate

As some of you may see that this with a decent frontloading protocol may - nay, would work.
It was used for years man - yet styles and fashion has changed but it still would work and isd a cycle i shsll br trying myself soon with different drugs sand science…


Actually this was a 4 week blitz! 3 weeks were 1 week shorter but i think that the above would be much mote productive!

I’m clueless to the old school patterns cause i’m a youngun but why the long esters? It seems running short esters would yield better results no?