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3/week BBB w/ Cleans & Snatches

Just looking to get some feed back to see how people feel about this.

Power Clean 5x3
Back Squat 5/3/1
Deadlift 5x10
Hanging Leg Raises 5 sets

Bench Press 5/3/1
Overhead Press 5x10
Lateral Raises 5x10
Chins 5x10
Bike intervals - 20min

Power Snatch 6x2
Deadlift 5/3/1
Front Squat 5x10
Straight Leg Situps 5 sets

Overhead Press 5/3/1
Bench Press 5x10
DB Rows 5x10
Curls 5x10
Bike intervals - 20min

The best lower body gains I have ever made were due almost exclusively to compound movements, with the exception of GHRs and back raises with a barbell. My upper body has always been weak as shit but I feel that a lot of volume has worked much better than low volume in the past. Hopefully this program addresses those needs.

Will the volume of snatches and cleans negatively effect me in anyway? Should I worry about more upper back work, or will all the deadlifting and olympic lifts be enough?

Goals: Get strong, get explosive, stay in shape and athletic. Possibly do another raw meet.

[quote]GruntOrama wrote:
Reasoning: I was using the conjugate method for a while and made some great strength gains, but my hips started getting beat up from squatting too wide, I was weak as shit overhead, and I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath, and at 180lbs bodyweight, that’s fucking pathetic.[/quote]

first of all, my feeling on your plan is that it’s too lower back intensive, but my lower back is fucked so your experience may be different.

second, i quoted the above just to tell you, the conjugate method isnt responsible for beating up your hips or you not being able to walk a flight of stairs without being winded. you could have moved your stance in, and done conditioning. just sayin.

At first glance, I would think that you are doing too much conditioning if your goals are to get strong and explosive. The cleans and snatches coupled with BBB assistance style should give you plenty of conditioning and athletic movements.

If this is a true strength block for you, take out the sprints and bike intervals to maximize recovery from the BBB lower body movements. If your 5x10 is heavy enough, you’ll not want any conditioning afterwards.

Hope that helps.

What does “Power Clean, 5x3” mean?

I think Wendler refers to the fact that 5x3 does not tell much. What weight? Progression? 5x5/3/1 or something else?

Check out the Morning Star program in the beyond book. It’s template where you do an oly lift (cleans or snatches), press, and squat 3x/week. Add in some “hypertrophy” assistance and some prowler work/sprints and you should be good

Hi Lord Humongous (good name!),

i have Beyond 531 book, but did not find the program you refer as “Morning Star”. Where did you see that?

I Do gave a chapter on Full body Power Clean variation, but nothing referred as Morning star.

I hope I didn’t miss it

It’s in the new book, Forever.
I think there’s also an older template on Jim’s website, like “5/3/1 for oly lifters”

Lol thanks it was actually my high school football coach’s name back when he was a wrestler in the 80s

Morning Star is a template in the new 531 Forever book. It’s such a great book and well worth the cash.

Rattus is correct. You can’t “undefine” a major lift in a program and expect someone to comment on the overall program. I wouldn’t recommend the program as it is but if you think it is the best chance to reach your goals, I think you should give it a shot.

Also if you’re gonna do this template you’ve laid out, then I’d put the oly lifts on your upper body days. Doing (good) cleans then going into 5x10 deadlifts sounds like a nightmare

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You’re probably being a little too optimistic on recovery man. You want to power clean and squat, do 5x10 deadlifts and then run sprints? Then on the other day you want to snatch, deadlift, do 5x10 front squats (you’ll have to use a ridiculously light weight for these) and then run sprints again. So you’re trying to do Olympic lifts, the main lift, boring but big and run sprints all in the same day twice a week. Good luck brother.


I could do that… for 2 weeks, and then I’d cry every time I thought about getting out of bed.


This thread is like 3-and-a-half years old…

The OP stopped posting a couple weeks after this, so he either got wiped out by this and hopped on to another program (because, you know, this one sucks/didn’t work) or he’s six feet under.

Shiiiiit, I missed that part. Strong thread resurrection