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3 Way Split Over 4 Days


I am thinking about starting a 3 way split over 4 days like below on rotation.

Monday: Chest Shoulder and Tris
Tuesday; Back, traps and bis
Wednesday; Off
Friday: Chest, Shoulders and Tris

My question is what would my volume be if I followed this type of split. If people follow an upper lower split they are usually told to split the weekly total in half. So if you did 12 weekly sets per body part, you would cut back to 6 sets.

Would I do the same for this type of rotation as they are getting a bit longer than the upper lower set up? Do you recommend this type of split?

are you doing this to build size,mass,stength?

if so and you’re working for size in the 8-10 rep scheme you should be ok with volume, try and keep major body parts ie chest, back etc to 12 sets and smaller muscle groups to 6-8 sets and you wont overtrain!

i’m currently working my split a bit differently to yours with

Mon: Chest & Arms
Tues: Legs, Traps, Abs
Weds: Off
Thurs: Back, Delts, Calves
Fri: Repeat cycle
Sat: Off

so for example in this first week because my last training day was Chest & Arms on the Friday, when my new training week starts the following monday i train whatever falls next in the cycle so it would be Legs, Traps & Abs.

Basically each training week will be different but you’ll still be working each muscle group at least twice a week with adequate rest in between allowing for proper recovery & growth!