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3 vs. 6 Meals


Hi Christian

I have allways been used to eat 6 meals a day, but after reading some of your posts, where you say that you need peaks and valleys in the stream of nutrients, I am starting to think that my 6 meals a day strategi maybe is not the best approach to gain lean.

What would you recommend and how would a carbcycling approach look like if you only have got 3 meals a day?

Ps. If I start doing the 36 hour puls fast 1 or 2 times per week, would my 6 meals a day, the remaining days strategi still be bad?

Sincerly Humseper


As far as using amino acids to promote protein synthesis, I believe 4-5 hours between feedings was the figure in the research. This was using a whey/casein blend. The whey provides the initial spike to jack up protein synthesis, and the casein keeps the levels high enough to inhibit protein breakdown thereafter.

Obviously CH pulses provide an even higher peak, but I believe the four hour figure is still good. You could get in 4 meals plus a protein shake before bed and be in good shape.

Of course, there are those who are convinced that meal timing and frequency are irrelevant and overall calories and macronutrient ratios are all that matter. In that case, the best thing you can do is pick the meal frequency to which you're best able to adhere.

Frankly, you may need 6 meals the day after the fast to get in the extra calories, assuming you're in a mass phase. I usually have 4 meals plus my workout shake, and I'm planning on bumping that up to 6.


I was under the impression that the peaks/valleys thing relates to protein only, but I could have missed something. I'd also be surprised if Christian recommended eating only 3 meals a day for somebody who wasn't also working out at least twice daily whilst following the anaconda protocol.

I'm sure there's something to be said about long term insulin sensitivity when it comes to condensing your carbs into fewer meals as well as the 53g of fat per meal limit proposed by Lonnie Lowery.


I believe he was talking strictly about Protein Pulsing. Whole food does not spike anabolism like Casein Hydrolysate does because it absorbs much more slowly.

Would you read a NASCAR performance article and apply those strategies to your Honda Civic? They have different purposes